Best home remedies for cellulite

Best home remedies for cellulite

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Cellulite is a beauty defect that affects a large proportion of women, both slim and rounder. Below we present the most effective methods to fight against orange peel.

Balance your diet

The first step that is recommended when treating skin problems, and cellulite is one of them, is to switch to a healthier diet

Remember the simple rule: what’s on the inside is on the outside. Our outward appearance is often just a frantic cry from our vitamin-hungry bodies to pay more attention to the quality of the food that lands on our plates.

It is important to eat a healthy and balanced diet – limit salt, table sugar and processed foods that promote water retention. It is also particularly important to include in the diet products belonging to the group of diuretics, that is, eliminating excess water. Among the most popular are

  • chicory,
  • green tea,
  • paprika,
  • leek,
  • celery,
  • onion,
  • cabbage.

Pay attention to eating foods rich in flavonoids. Studies have shown that citrus fruits, grapes and berries contain the most of these compounds, but also tea and red wine. Flavonoids help make cellulite less likely to appear. You can also supplement these compounds in the form of artificially isolated quercetin, which will help you during times of reduced availability of fresh fruits and vegetables.

A good idea to give yourself a quick dose of vitamins is to make a habit of drinking fruit and vegetable juices every day. This is a great way, which will not only noticeably improve the look of your skin, but at the same time will also regulate the functioning of the entire body, affecting the immune and hormonal systems. You will gain a beautiful complexion and good mood in one!

A drink composed of garlic, carrots, turmeric and cucumber, which you can optionally replace with another green vegetable, for example, celery stalks, has great power.
Remember to keep your body well hydrated – this practice will help increase flexibility and overall body firmness.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

Get more exercise

Fall in love with daily physical activity and your body will repay you in return. Sport plays an important role in the fight against cellulite because it stimulates blood circulation, inhibits fat accumulation and has a firming effect on the skin. Endurance sports, such as brisk walking, running and swimming, jumping rope or regular cycling, are particularly effective.

If you are more into stationary sports, try exercising at home or at the gym. Workouts using your body’s natural weight will spontaneously generate muscle vibrations that will reduce problem cellulite. To get started, try these three exercises to get your body working

Do a step out with your knee extended forward, then deepen the position by bending your knees and tensing your muscles. Remember to keep your back straight at all times. Then go back to the starting position and repeat the exercise on the other leg.

Exercise 2: Step forward with one foot and extend the other foot firmly backward. Bend your knees and come down with your hips as low as you can to reach a 90-degree angle

Exercise Three: Bend your knees into a squat while spreading your arms and legs the same width. Then shift all of your weight to your heels. Keep your back straight. This workout will benefit the skin on your thighs and buttocks.

Try simple treatments and home tricks

A great way to help reduce orange peel are firming massages. Your skin will benefit from coarse scrubbing, followed by a body massage with a serum based on a blend of caffeine and guarana. These substances actively burn stagnated fat and reduce the accumulation of new fat.

Also try a massage with the addition of lemon oil. It effectively reduces the level of lipids, which promotes effective fat burning and, consequently, smoothing of the skin.

Another reliable way to strenuously fight cellulite are suction cups – healing tools used for centuries and widely known in traditional Eastern medicine. They stimulate fluid circulation in the body and break down problematic lipid cells. They usually eliminate the problem within a few weeks.

Finally, support the above processes with herbal or plant-based baths that stimulate circulation in your body, and you will quickly begin to enjoy a beautiful and healthy appearance and a smooth skin surface even in the most problematic areas.

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