Stretch marks – how to fight them?

Stretch marks – how to fight them?

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Stretch marks are the bane of many people. They look unsightly and cause complexes. Fortunately, there is prevention, as well as methods to combat those that have already appeared. Get to know some of them.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear on the body of both women and men. They are caused by excessive stretching of skin tissue as a result of sudden changes in body weight, limb length or by hormonal changes.

Due to the rapid stretching of the skin, collagen fibers break and stripes appear on the body, which initially take on a pinkish-red color. The areas where they appear do not get tanned, which is why they are even more visible in summer.

Who is most affected by stretch marks?

Pregnancy and adolescence are definitely the most critical moments in life when stretch marks appear. This is when the body size changes rapidly and a storm of hormones develops, adversely affecting skin texture

During pregnancy, stretch marks appear mainly on the abdomen and stretch marks on breasts. Characteristic stripes also often appear on people who have radically changed their diet and lifestyle, and those who started exercising to increase muscle mass. They are most likely to develop stretch marks on the back, stretch marks on the thighs, and stretch marks on the buttocks.

If you already know that this problem may affect you, read what steps to take to prevent their occurrence.

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It has been known for a long time that prevention is better than cure. If you are in the risk group for stretch marks, do not hesitate and take appropriate steps. First of all, take care of the condition of your skin in the most strategic areas, such as: thighs, breasts, buttocks, back, arms and belly.

Try to scrub regularly with ready-made cosmetics or make a homemade mixture that will exfoliate old skin and stimulate microcirculation and nourish the skin. Make a homemade scrub with a mixture of coffee grounds, olive oil and lemon juice, which has brightening properties.

After exfoliating, be sure to moisturize your skin with lotion or coconut oil

Massaging your skin manually or with a massager will also be beneficial. Follow a varied and low-processed diet. Try to compose your meals so that they contain zinc, vitamin E, B vitamins and drink plenty of water. Products that should be permanently present in your kitchen are: cheese, offal, vegetables, fruit, meat, cereals and nuts.

Once stretch marks appear – act!

Stretch mark prevention is very effective, but in some cases it may not be enough, as the factors determining their appearance are extremely strong. In this case, it is still necessary to continue with massages, scrubs, moisturising and an appropriate diet

In addition to these, it is worth introducing other measures, such as buying cosmetics that work directly to lighten stretch marks and eradicate them. It is also recommended to take advantage of cosmetic treatments for people who feel extremely uncomfortable with stretch marks. In this case, a mesotherapy treatment involving injections to stimulate the skin to regenerate has good results.

You can also try microdermabrasion, which is a deep peeling with diamond crystals. Fractional laser treatment is also very effective. It belongs to the painful but very effective treatments.

The power of this laser damages the structure of the skin, causing micro-injuries of collagen fibers. This in turn results in the production of new fibers and a reduction in the appearance of stretch marks. So, if stretch marks are a nuisance and cause you complexes, take action today and make your body less embarrassing for you.

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