Do your friends want to come over for coffee? Find out how and with what to serve it

Do your friends want to come over for coffee? Find out how and with what to serve it

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There is nothing like a meeting in a group of women over aromatic coffee. This time your girlfriends are visiting you? Prepare the basis for a successful meeting – delicious coffee in different variations and tasty snacks are a good start to any conversation! See how and with what to serve coffee.

The widespread love of coffee has made it possible to choose from different types and methods of brewing this aromatic beverage. Italian espresso, cappuccino, latte, americano, mocca, or macchiato – everyone probably has their favourite version of coffee. For a meeting with friends, instead of serving the traditional loose coffee, you can experiment and prepare different types of coffees to try and enjoy together!

Coffee like a barista – surprise your friends!

Delicious, aromatic coffee prepared in different ways is the perfect start to your meeting. You don’t need special skills to make a great espresso, latte or macchiato – a good coffee machine will do the job for you. If you don’t have an espresso machine at home, a milk frother, piston roaster, coffee maker or pot is all you need to make delicious varieties of coffee

The most popular types of coffee

Here are some of the most popular types of coffee. See which ones you’d like to make for your girlfriends.


The volume of this popular coffee should be about 30 ml and you need about 15-20 g of coffee (preferably freshly ground)


A traditional soft cappuccino consists of 25 ml of espresso and 125 ml of foamed milk.


The closest version to the popular black coffee in a cup. This coffee has a capacity of 130ml to 170ml.


Macchiato is another version of espresso, but with a splash of milk. It can be served with cold or warm milk.


As the name suggests, milk is the base of the latte. Espresso coffee makes up ¼ of the whole coffee, the rest is foamed milk.


Mocha is a version of latte enriched with chocolate. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate is added to the espresso. At the very end we add whipped cream to the coffee.

Ideal for hot summer days – cold coffee

For summer meetings with high temperatures it is best to serve cooling drinks. Cold brew coffee can be an optimal choice – frappé, cold brew, french press on ice or espresso with tonic will certainly appeal to your friends. Cold brew is definitely best served in a glass and can be ideally accompanied with ice-cream, a piece of cake, or various sweet pastries

How to serve coffee?

It depends on the type of coffee. If you’re preparing espresso, it’s best to serve it straight away in small cups. You can bring a french press brewer along with the cups and serve the coffee during a conversation. And if you’re a fan of strong coffee, you’ll love the Turkish-style coffee in a pot, which you can serve at the table – the aroma of freshly poured coffee from the pot will fill the entire room.

What to serve with coffee?

Regardless of the type of coffee, sweet or neutral snacks are the most appropriate accompaniments. A slice of delicious cake, cookies or chocolate go perfectly with the black drink. If you and your friends prefer healthy snacks, then dried fruit and unsalted nuts such as cashews, walnuts or macadamias are the best options. Another option is muesli or oatmeal cookies, or a delicious bean brownie.

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