Decorations for the bathroom. How to make it more cozy?

Decorations for the bathroom. How to make it more cozy?

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Decorations for the bathroom should not only be elegant, but above all practical. Discover our interesting bathroom decorating ideas that will completely change its character and give it a unique style!

Wicker baskets – a practical bathroom decoration

Wicker baskets look great in any bathroom and give you extra storage space, too. If you’re looking for a practical piece to add to your bathroom, get some elegant baskets. You can keep your toiletries in them as well as rolled up towels for your guests. Wicker is perfect for boho bathrooms. Metal caskets for trinkets and cosmetics are better for glamour style.

Lanterns on the floor

Decorations for the bathroom do not have to be only practical. Even a small bathroom can accommodate at least one accessory that will become an indicator of its style. Tall candle lanterns are not only beautiful, but also very romantic. You can place them on the floor with tall, scented candles. The glamour effect is guaranteed! A bath or shower by candlelight will become much more relaxing.

Metal toilet paper holder

A small bathroom doesn’t mean that you can’t have interesting decorations. Decorations for the bathroom can also be practical. An example of such a decor element is a metal toilet paper holder, whose shape resembles a cute alpaca or a sheep. The whole looks very original and at the same time allows you to gain extra storage space

Standing lamp

Bathrooms or larger bathrooms can be an extension of our living room! In the bathroom you can also create a corner for relaxation. Decorations for the bathroom also include interesting lighting – the latest hit are standing lamps, complete with a chair or armchair. This is an ideal place for grooming, such as pedicure. It will be elegant and practical at the same time. In eclectic or retro style, the lamp will be a perfect complement for gold accessories and countertops imitating marble. An ordinary bathroom will transform into an exquisite place of rest – a home spa that you deserve after a hard day!

Other Modern Bathroom Decorations

Very modern, yet classic look glass or transparent organizers for cosmetics, which can be placed on the countertop by the sink. They will be a great idea for space management and easier bathroom cleaning. Moving your toiletries around the sink or cabinet will become much less of a chore! A similar function will be fulfilled by a tray, on which, in addition to grooming products, you can place flacons with your favorite perfume or a photo

Instead of very standard metal hangers, you can opt for a wooden shelf in the form of a ladder. On it, you can place frequently used cosmetics, but also flowers, elegantly folded towels or closed baskets for hygienic products. Simple, yet classy!

Vertical gardens, so called living moss paintings or small plants placed in glass jars with decorative pebbles as a substrate, are becoming very fashionable this year. Some of them can also be placed in the bathroom. They will give it a tropical and cozy character

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