Hanging armchair for living room – fashionable inspirations

Hanging armchair for living room – fashionable inspirations

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Hanging chairs first won the hearts of balcony and terrace owners. So architects went a step further and proposed all-year-round, comfortable swings. Is it worth having one at home?

Swinging is liked by everyone. It is fun for children and adults. It was a dream of many people to have a swing in their own room. Today this dream is at your fingertips. There are dozens of types of hanging chairs on the market, which will perfectly fit into the decor of the living room. Which one to choose?

Armchair on a frame

A great choice for people who have a large space in the living room is an armchair on a frame. Such a solution has several additional advantages. First of all such armchair is mobile. We can move it to any place in the apartment, put on the balcony or even take to the garden. The whole structure is ready to use from the moment of purchase. There is no need to drill anything or install in the ceiling. The frame of the hanging armchair has a predetermined load capacity – we have a guarantee that it will withstand our weight.

Suspended armchairs on frames are available in several options. We can opt for a round model made of rattan on a black metal frame. Such an armchair will fit into almost any interior. Another option is a similar model, but in a more egg-shaped swing.

The armchair on the frame can be freely decorated and varied. We can successfully decorate it in boho style. Just hang around the frame cottonballs or lights on batteries. The interior of swing can be padded with blanket, macramé bedspread and pillows. Such a hanging armchair will become a decoration of the room and a pleasant outlet for relaxation.

Armchair suspended to the ceiling

Another group of hanging armchairs are those suspended directly from the ceiling. Before installing them, we must carefully consider the place where the armchair will hang. The hook is permanently mounted to the ceiling, and after pulling it out, we will have to plaster and paint a trace of the hole. The advantage of this solution is greater compactness. We do not have to have as much space as in the case of a chair suspended on a frame. What’s more, some swings – especially the lighter models – can be easily unhooked and stored in the garage. If you want to have the swing chair in your home again, simply hook the basket to the hook.

Among the suspended armchairs for the living room dominate those made of natural materials. However, grasses and rattan are not the only options available. We can opt for a plastic, round egg, suspended on a chain. This is a proposal that will work well in modern, futuristic interiors. To the loft style will fit perfectly metal hanging armchair. Industrial and raw in appearance, it should find its amateurs. Another highly unusual hanging armchair is a construction made of leather. Stylish lounge chair will arouse excitement in many master of the house.

Macramé hanging armchair

Macramé is a word that returns like a boomerang in interior trends this year. It is no different in case of hanging armchairs suspended to the ceiling. Macramé armchairs are available in many patterns, sizes and colors. The armchairs are decorative in themselves. Interesting weaves and oriental patterns are not only pretty but, if the armchair is made of the right material, also durable. Macramé armchairs may have the form of a hammock or may be padded with sponge like a typical armchair. Such models will work in almost any interior and are an absolute hit of the season.

Hanging sofa for the living room

Some of the suspended armchairs are so large that they can successfully serve as a sofa, or even as a lounger for at least two people. The most important thing when installing such a large armchair is to choose the right mounting hooks and ropes on which to hang the rest. It is best to consult with a professional to avoid hurting yourself and your loved ones. Such an armchair for two can be a pleasant place of rest in the embrace of your beloved or children.

Main Photo: Sven Brandsma/unsplash.com

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