World map on the wall – an idea for decorating the teenager’s room

World map on the wall – an idea for decorating the teenager’s room

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For lovers of traveling and sightseeing the world map on the wall will be an inspiring and very interesting decoration. It will be useful for a teenager’s room, especially if our child dreams about distant travels.

What decorative maps can be hung on the wall in the teenager’s room?

In stores, you can find many interesting maps for the wall, especially for a teenager’s room. With different designs, it will be easier to find the perfect map that will not only inspire the young explorer, but also make the room decoration much more interesting and modern.

Illuminated world maps

An interesting and very designer idea is an illuminated world map. Thanks to the LED strip the whole decoration looks very original and extremely elegant. It can replace a bedside lamp.

The map is made of panels glued on the wall, which imitate the 3D effect. Under the panels LED lights are placed, which perfectly emphasize it. This combination of minimalism and illumination makes an electrifying impression, and the map itself is an interesting addition, not only to the room of a teenager.

The cork map of the world

The cork map of the world is a more minimalist wall decoration. It allows you to mark with colorful pins the places you have already visited. Your teenager can also use it to mark the places they want to go. This is a great inspiration for future travels

Photos from previous trips also look great on the cork map.

World map to color in

Slightly younger children will certainly be delighted with the map to color. The boxes, which mark the countries and continents, are marked with lines. The middle can be coloured in or marked with pins. It will be great fun and inspire to dream about distant travels.

Metal world map

A metal map of the world will definitely fit into a modern and loft interior. The continents appear as metal panels. The center is empty, so it emphasizes the color of the wall, located behind the components of the map. This version of the decoration is more elegant and will certainly appeal to an older child who likes traveling, but above all appreciates minimalism.

The sheet is painted in a uniform color, most often with a powder coating method. This allows to maintain aesthetic elegance. The set comes with hooks and pegs for easy assembly.

Wooden 3D World Map

A wooden world map consisting of 3D panels will also be perfect for a teenager’s room. Each country is marked with elegant and clearly visible inscriptions

It is made of very good quality wood, without rings or cracks. Individual elements are laser cut. The map comes with instructions for its assembly. The panels are glued to the wall, which reduces the number of unnecessary holes and hooks.

Magnetic steel map

A magnetic steel map will suit a modern room. Instead of traditional pins, the places on the map are marked with small magnets, included in the set

It is made of brushed stainless steel that is a beautiful and timeless decoration for many years. On such a map it is also much easier to put photos from expeditions and trips.

Map of the world – a painting for the wall

Certainly a good choice is a map of the world in the form of a painting. Individual panels depict successive continents. Its advantage is the fact that we do not need glue or a knife to mount it. A few hooks are enough for the painting to decorate the interior. This type of decoration is also easy to change for another one. You can choose from many maps of the world in the form of a painting, which will perfectly match the decor of the room.

Photo by Andrijana Bozic/Unsplash

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