Dog bed – which one to choose?

Dog bed – which one to choose?

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A dog, just like a human, needs its own place where it will feel comfortable and safe when the owner is not at home. It’s worth taking care of it even before the pet arrives home, so that it gets used to having its own place to rest from the first days.

Types of pet beds

A bed does not have to be a specially bought product, it can be a rolled up bedding or an old carpet. These are the most common and easiest to maintain solutions for medium to large dogs that like to sleep in an extended position.

Bed – bed

There are two types of this type of bed – with a soft base or with a plastic base. It is quite difficult to take care of a soft bed, and it can also lose its shape after time. A plastic base bed is easier to take care of. You can also put a soft cover on it which is easy to wash.

Lair – house

Such a place to sleep is usually preferred by small breeds of dogs: Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian Spitz. However, if the cottage is large enough, larger dogs will also like it. In the dog house, the dog will feel safe and calm. However, such beds are usually made entirely of soft material, which makes them very difficult to care for.

What should I consider when choosing a dog bed?

Today, the pet supplies market is full of a variety of accessories. In order to buy the right dog bed for your pet at the first attempt, you should decide on its main features.


When choosing a dog bed, it is essential to make sure that it will be large enough for your dog. If your pet is already an adult, you can easily find the right size. However, if you have a puppy, you need to anticipate how big your pet will be when it grows up. The ideal dog bed is one in which your dog can not only curl up in a ball, but also stretch out its paws. For this reason, the length of the bed should coincide with the length of the pet’s body from muzzle to tail end, and its width should not be less than the length of the dog’s legs. If you do not know how big your dog will be, you can simply change the bed when the pet grows up. This option is more expensive, but it has its advantages. You will be able to change the type of bed, so you will have a better understanding of what option your pet likes best

Material of construction

When buying a bed, it is essential to check what material it is made of. The longevity of the bed and how it is cared for depends on this. The material should be natural and strong, as most dogs trample over their bed before going to bed and even try to bury themselves in it. The brittle material will quickly get damaged by the influence of dog’s claws. It’s better if the dog bed has a removable mattress and cover that should be shaken out and washed regularly.

A dog bed requires regular care and washing, so choose a material that’s practical, easy to maintain and strong enough to withstand many washings. It also shouldn’t collect dust and hair. The filler is usually a synthetic material, but there are options with cotton or foam rubber.

The more natural the bedding material, the better your pet will feel on it and the faster they will get used to it. Wool is an excellent filler material and keeps dogs at the right temperature and comfortable when resting. However, keep in mind that natural materials are less durable than synthetics


It is worth remembering that the lighter the material of the dog bed, the faster it will get dirty and lose its original look. That’s why it’s best to put the bed in dark shades, on which stains won’t be so visible.


When choosing the shape of your pet’s bed, keep in mind that you will have to constantly clean it. In padded mats, for example, dust, hair and dirt will constantly accumulate in the creases between the fabric and the bottom. However, if cleaning doesn’t scare you too much, you can choose a bed of absolutely any shape. The shape of the sleeping area should also be chosen depending on your pet’s breed and preferences; whether they have hair (and how thick it is), what temperature your dog likes and what position they prefer to sleep in. For example, if your pet has a thick coat or doesn’t like the heat, choose a bed that is shaped like an open bed (not a house).

Positioning the pet bed

Your dog’s bed should be placed in a location that your dog has chosen for himself. If, in your opinion, he has not chosen a suitable location, you can decide on the location yourself, but remember that the bed should not be located in a passageway or near heating appliances. Bathroom, kitchen and hallways are absolutely not suitable for places for the dog, the animal can get cold. Once you have chosen a place, do not change it and never punish the pet while it is there. The dog must know that the bed is his territory and is always safe there.

Do not move the bed according to the time of year or day. Your pet needs peace and quiet, so it’s best to keep the resting area dimly lit and isolated. Do not buy a bed that is too warm and thick, because in summer your dog will not want to use it. Pay attention to parameters such as:

  • comfort for the pet,
  • the quality of the materials,
  • size,
  • abrasion resistance of the coating,
  • price.

How should I teach my dog to use a dog bed?

It’s best to start getting your dog used to the dog bed when he’s small. Every time the puppy runs out and gets satiated, he will probably choose a corner that he likes. Then you should take him to the bed and give the command: “lie down”. He will then try to walk away, but then repeat your actions. Pet your pet when he has calmed down. Remember that your dog’s bed is his “safe” area. You cannot punish him in it, you cannot keep things on the dog’s bed, sit or use it as a guest seat.

It won’t be hard for an adult dog to get used to the bed if he already knows the “lie down” command. You can also throw tasty surprises on the bed for your dog. Do not forcefully pull the pet to the bed; the dog needs time to get used to the new place. In case the dog categorically refuses to sit on the bed, think – perhaps it is in the wrong place, has an uncomfortable design or material that irritates the skin

Photo by Dex Ezekiel/Unsplash

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