Collar or harness – what to choose for your dog?

Collar or harness – what to choose for your dog?

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Buying the right dog collar or harness is an eternal dilemma for most owners. What matters is not only your pet’s comfort and convenience, but above all its safety during walks together. So which is better – a collar or a harness? We suggest!

What should you consider when choosing a dog harness or a dog collar?

When choosing a dog collar or a harness for their pet, many dog owners, especially beginners, are mainly guided by the visual aspect and their usefulness is of secondary importance, which is a huge mistake. When choosing this type of accessories for your pet, you need to take into account the structure of your dog and how it behaves when you go out together. Other solutions will work better for puppies and still others for adults. The health of your pet is also important. All these criteria are important to make the right purchase and be sure that you will enjoy your walks together. In case you have doubts whether it’s a better idea to buy a collar or a harness for your pet, it’s worth consulting a specialist, e.g. a vet or a behaviourist. You should also test both solutions and see how your dog will react to them.

When is it worth choosing a dog harness?

In case of very busy and active dogs, it is worth considering buying a harness. Then you can be sure that pulling on the leash at the same time with violent movements of your pet will not cause any injury to his neck or spine. Harnesses are also recommended for small dogs, especially miniature breeds. Moreover, they are often chosen by owners who practice sports with their dogs. In such cases, the harness provides adequate safety, and it is practically impossible for the dog to get free from it

Once you decide on a harness for your dog, the next question that comes up is what model to choose for your pet. Facing a huge selection of different dog accessories can be quite a challenge. It is a very important issue, because improperly chosen, e.g. too tight harness is not only a source of discomfort for the animal, but also may adversely affect its motor system and cause hypoxia. When choosing the harness for the dog you need to take into account its age and anatomical structure. In the store you can find a wide range of harnesses that can easily fit the size, breed and temperament of your pet.

Dog collar – in what cases?

This type of dog accessory is a good idea if you own a large four-legged dog. The collar allows you to control your dog’s behavior properly, and moreover, putting it on and taking it off is much less complicated and does not take as much time compared to a harness. However, the disadvantage of the collar is that all the pressure during the dog’s activity is focused on its neck, which may cause its overload. When choosing a dog collar, you should pay attention to the type of material it is made of. It is important that it is flexible and durable enough. Very popular are webbed collars, which are available in different designs and colors. The owners of the pets willingly choose also collars made of leather, which are usually more expensive, but at the same time often more solid. However, this type is recommended mostly for larger dogs. The second important issue is the type of fastening. Proper adjustment makes it easier to fit the collar to the dog and makes it easier in everyday use.

What to choose in case of a puppy?

Here the opinions of owners are divided, because both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of which purchasing decision you make, it’s important that the harness and collar are the best fit for your little one. The collar provides good control over the young dog, but on the one hand it cannot be too tight to cause pressure, while too loose will make the puppy slip out of it during walks. The harness, on the other hand, ensures even distribution of all loads, not causing pressure on the respiratory tract of the young individual. It should be remembered, however, that they are not too tight, because in the long run they can have a bad effect on the puppy’s posture and developing musculoskeletal system.

photo: Samson Katt/Pexels

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