How to arrange clothes in a small closet? Some practical tips

How to arrange clothes in a small closet? Some practical tips

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A spacious fashionable closet with modern storage systems and loosely hanging clothes is every woman’s dream. Unfortunately, we often only have a small closet at our disposal. But even if we have to fit our clothes in a small closet, there is no need to break down. The smaller the storage space, the more skillfully you need to use every available centimeter and apply special techniques to keep things in order

Increase the useful area of your closet

Remember to first transform the interior of the closet in such a way that no space is wasted. Well-placed rods, shelves, baskets and hooks will help you utilize every inch of your closet. Here are some tips:

  • If you don’t wear long clothes, hang two rods instead of one. Then you’ll be able to fit a lot more things in your closet.
  • Estimate the height of your shelves – they are often too far apart. If possible, install additional shelves.
  • If you can’t adjust the shelves, use wire baskets and shelves. They will help you optimize and save space in your closet without having to rebuild – and they are very easy to install. Shelves and baskets can be precisely adjusted to the dimensions of your closet; the size range of such accessories is quite wide.
  • Choose additional storage systems for your closet: pull-out hangers, baskets, handles, etc. This is a very convenient solution that will save you a lot of space and keep things tidy
  • Think about how you can use your cabinet doors. You can mount baskets, hooks, rails, organizers with pockets for accessories and various trinkets on them.
Marie Kondo – The KonMari Fold | Basics

Storage accessories

If all the shelves, rods, and hooks in your closet are already perfectly lined up, it’s time to think about storage accessories. The right selection of trunks, boxes, organizers, etc. They will allow you to save a lot of time searching for clothes and accessories, and most importantly – they will free up a lot of valuable space in your closet.

Vacuum bags – vacuum bags not only reduce the space occupied by clothes by at least half, but also protect them from dust, moisture, insects. There are bags of different sizes, as well as models with hangers

Multi-level hangers – will significantly increase the possibilities when it comes to hanging clothes. Instead of one or two items, you can easily hang 4 or 5 clothes on a multi-level hanger! There are different models of this kind of hangers: regular, with several crossbars, with open arms, with clips, etc.

Trunks, baskets, boxes for clothes and shoes – they will help you organize your belongings, arrange them in a compact way, and also better organize the items and trinkets that you rarely use. It is worth organizing things according to their type, frequency of use. Label boxes and baskets, properly arrange them on shelves; a convenient storage system is essential! Before buying boxes and baskets, measure your cupboard space so you don’t miss a single centimetre. Make sure the boxes are easily accessible. Make sure they’re stackable if you want to store them that way.

Underwearorganizers – You can use special organizers for underwear, socks, tights, T-shirts. Arrange things in the cells of the organizer and you’ll be surprised how easy it will be to keep your closet tidy. If you have high shelves, choose organizers with lids and stack them on top of each other; this is a compact and convenient solution

Hanging organizers – if there are not enough shelves in your closet, you can replace them with hanging storage systems. Such organizers attached to a rod, you can perfectly fit into the free space. A hanging organizer is convenient for storing clothes and accessories, and it also helps you sort things.

Shoe boxes and organizers – we are talking about standard size shoe boxes. With this solution, you will be able to conveniently place your shoes in the closet. Another way to save space is to use a shoe organizer instead of boxes. This is a great option for soft shoes.

Create a modular system for compact storage of things

To organize compact storage of things in your closet, we mainly recommend the modular principle, which involves using organizers. It saves up to 40% of space without sacrificing design, not only in the closet, but also in open shelves, alcoves and space under the bed. It’s also a great way to organize things and categorize them. In addition, bins and organizers protect clothing from dust, moisture, odors, and other unwanted external factors. If needed, the closet space can be easily transformed to suit your taste and needs by moving or adding necessary organizers.

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