How do I match my hairstyle to my face shape?

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Many people spend a lot of time thinking about changing their hairstyle. It is not an easy decision for both men and women. Sometimes, we like a certain haircut, but it has to fit our face shape and type of beauty. How do we find the right hair style for our face shape?

What Hairstyles Suit Oval Faces?

Are there no ideals? Perhaps, but in terms of facial contours, the oval shape is considered the most ideal. This physiognomy gives us many options when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle. The choice is between straight hair, a chignon or braids. For example, a rather large head of hair should not be magnified by teased up hairstyles. Katy Perry and Beyonce, among others, share this look.

What Hairstyle for Women with Oval Faces?

Oval faces may look a little chubby but they usually appear very girly. In this case, the aim is to partly reverse the proportions by optically elongating the oval face. The basic solution is to grow long hair and to wear straight hair. For women who prefer a more practical style, a bob with a tightly cut back and longer front hair may be an option. Straight bangs are the worst option in these situations. A slightly lesser mistake is pinning the hair back. Examples of stars who have oval face shapes? They include Olivia Palermo and Jennifer Aniston.

What to do if your face is square?

Also in this case, you can resort to helpful hairstyles and updos. The main problem is strongly outlined cheekbones and jaw. When planning a hairstyle, you need to bet on one that softens the facial features. We recommend at least half-length hair with side bangs, romantic waves or soft curls. It is important that the hairstyle should not put on extra inches above the cheekbones. We should forego geometric haircuts. Who do you think follows these basic rules among the stars? They include Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

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What about a triangular face?

With a triangular face, you should try to fight the impression that it narrows excessively at the bottom. You need to balance a wide forehead and strongly defined cheekbones. Optical expansions of the jaw line can be achieved with hairstyles like the bob with side bangs. What to Avoid? Obviously, hairstyles that accentuate the asymmetry of your face. Don’t pin your hair up in a high chignon. Anne Hathaway does well with these rules

Hairstyles for Inverted Triangles

What are the main characteristics of this face shape? First of all, the forehead is low and the jaw is wide with a pointed chin. The right hairstyle for this face type is one that optically slims the jaw. In this case, a high, slightly teased updo or chignon is advisable. Rihanna and others know this very well.

What about hair color?

There are certain facial details, which can be optically enhanced by the right hair color. Certainly, dark hair optically slims the face while light hair rounds it. For triangular faces it is best to vary the hair color. It is always advisable to consult a hair stylist or a professional hairdresser who can select the right hair style for your type of beauty

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