Fashionable Shoulder Length Hairstyles – Which One to Choose?

Fashionable Shoulder Length Hairstyles – Which One to Choose?

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The shoulder-length haircut is particularly fashionable and at the same time light and comfortable. It is sure to be loved by active women who do not have time to care for their long hair.

Shoulder-length hair gives us the self-confidence to wear a hairstyle with shoulder-length hair and considerably reduces drying and styling time. You should definitely check out this year’s hair styles by well-known hair stylists

Shoulder-length Hairstyles and Bobs

Shoulder-length hair need not be limited to straight cuts. The modern bob adds a lot of lustre to our face and gives us a sense of ease.

Asymmetric bob without bangs

The bob is combed to one side to slenderise your face. The asymmetric parting makes everyday styling easier. The bob looks great either straight or with wavy ends. It is easy to style the parting on your own. A curling iron or large rollers worn overnight are enough to give the bottom of the hair a slight curl. Asymmetric bobs look great without curls. Asymmetric bobs are particularly suitable for women with thin hair who want to slim down their faces a little.

Cute Shoulder Bob with Frayed Fringes

The shoulder-length bob also looks cute when you opt for a short fringe. Heavy strands over the eyes, aligned in one line are not so fashionable anymore. Nowadays, the minimalistic, frayed fringe is experiencing a huge boom. It gives you extra glamour and covers a high forehead.

The Frayed Wavy Bob

While shoulder-length bobs are usually associated with straight haircuts, this style also allows for frayed hair. The hairstyle is usually worn pulled back to look good with graduation. The hair appears much thicker and can be easily styled with just fingers dampened in styling mousse or wax. This bob looks great when the hair is slightly curled. This adds volume to the hairstyle and gives it a slightly unruly yet classy appearance.

Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Women

Not only bobs are suitable for shoulder-length haircuts. Here are some suggestions for women’s shoulder length hairstyles that are also very fashionable and adorable.

Women’s Shoulder Length Hairstyles with Long Fringes

Women’s shoulder-length hairstyles with bangs are still very much in fashion. In this style the fringes start on top of the head and end at the eyebrow line. It helps to cover too high a forehead and is ideal for those women who have a very straight face. The hairstyle will be slightly lighter if the fringe is thinned slightly with a pair of tweezers, as will the ends of the hair. If the ends of the hair and the bangs are cut straight, the result will unfortunately be quite coarse and artificial.

Shoulder-length Hair with Layered Ends

This hairstyle is very youthful and makes you look younger. It does not include bangs but is shaped with fringed and layered ends. These fringes give the hairstyle its casual edge. If you also have slightly wavy hair you can create this effect. The middle parting slenderizes your face perfectly.

Shoulder-length Hair with Side Fringes

Shoulder-length hair with bangs does not necessarily have to look like the evenly cut hair with a slight twist that was fashionable in the 1950s. Today, straight bangs have been replaced by more modern versions. Long side bangs give the look a younger appearance and are girly and light. Importantly, leaving a slightly longer fringe allows you to quickly return to a shoulder-length hairstyle without this element.

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