How do Asian women take care of their beauty? Find out their beauty secrets

How do Asian women take care of their beauty? Find out their beauty secrets

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For many years the complexion of Asian women aroused admiration and envy of women from all over the world. They were suspected of having special genes, using carefully hidden components of cosmetics and secret treatments. However, it turns out that these suspicions are only partly true. Both the type and composition of cosmetic products is widely available, and skin care treatments – slightly different from those used by European and American women – are performed at home by residents of the Land of the Rising Sun. The most important common element of Asian skin care is regularity and consistency.

The basic elements of Asian beauty care

For many years, Asian women have been recognized as beautiful women who do not lose their beauty even with the passing years. What do Asian women do to look so good? Among other things, they try to avoid tanning.

Protect yourself from the sun! Asian women don’t tan. They are reluctant to go out in the sun, and you can hardly see them on seaside beaches. If they have to stay outdoors on sunny days, they protect their faces with creams containing strong sunscreens. On old Japanese drawings geisha always had umbrellas and gloves.

Proper diet and water

Seafood and vegetables rich in minerals, omega 3 acids, vitamins and moisturizing from within are the basis of a healthy complexion. Asians do not eat fast food and avoid highly processed foods. They eat less. They avoid alcohol and cigarettes. They do not use any stimulants and replace coffee with green tea rich in antioxidants.

Skin care cosmetics

Unlike European and American women, Asian women attach great importance to cosmetics. Contrary to popular belief, these do not have to be cosmetics made of rice. Instead, they use moisturizing cosmetics based on vegetable oils. Skin care cosmetics are more important than covering cosmetics, which they do not need much due to their flawless complexion. They love to accentuate the fascinating pallor of the complexion with delicate powders with a whitish glow.

Makeup removal and massage – basic skin care rituals

Thorough make-up removal every night

Care begins with a thorough evening makeup removal with a gentle, oil-based toner. Even if a woman has not used any color cosmetics, she cleanses her face and neck thoroughly in the evening. Japanese women do not use soap but special foams to wash their faces. From time to time they use scrubs, generally fine-grained and mechanical. They make sure that their cosmetics are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and free of alcohol, which irritates and dries the skin

Massage is the basis of face and neck care

They have loved massages for centuries. Massage is the greatest beauty secret of Asian women. Facial massage is a ritual and a daily duty. For millennia, stroking, pinching and patting gentle movements of hands on the face are performed by every Asian woman before going to bed.

Oil-based cosmetics are used to ensure good glide of the hands on the skin and there are many massage techniques depending on the needs of the skin and age. It is the massages that make the faces of Asian women not give away their age, and a 60-year-old woman can look like a 20-year-old. Some Japanese massage techniques can reportedly even change facial features.

Asian women perform face and neck massages every evening, taking no more than 10-15 minutes a day. They perform it with both hands, intertwining their fingers accordingly. They use light pressure, stroking, pinching, patting and tapping with fingertips.

The massage causes the skin to be well toned, circulated and perfectly firmed. Proper hand movements are aimed at draining the lymph, so the hamsters characteristic of European women appear in Asian women at a late age.

Massages with special oils often replace the evening pasting of the cream, but if they use it, always taking care that it is richer than for the day and does not clog the pores.

Facial massage is such an obvious activity that its techniques have been passed down through generations, from mother to daughter, and facial massage schools teaching additional techniques are very numerous in every major city.

Exfoliation must be done every week

Asians also benefit from scrubs to remove dead skin and speed up skin regeneration, making the skin ready to absorb healthy ingredients from nutritional cosmetics. Perform scrubs at least once a week.

Nourishing face masks

After a thorough exfoliation and massage, Asian women apply masks to their face. These are often special sheets of fine fabric soaked in plant ingredients – algae extract, aloe vera, green tea, rice milk. Nourishing and moisturizing masks are therefore their daily ritual. If you care about a beautiful, radiant complexion, it is worth considering using this type of facial treatments.

Healthy, long sleep

Asians include sleep in their beauty care package. This is another beauty secret of women from the Land of the Rising Sun. Only during sleep a well cleansed and massaged face absorbs all healthy ingredients contained in creams and masks.

When you wake up in the morning, wash your face with lukewarm or cool water and drink a cup of fragrant green tea.

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