How to dress for the first meeting with your partner’s parents?

How to dress for the first meeting with your partner’s parents?

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There is no second chance to make a good first impression. Especially when you are facing a meeting with your partner’s parents. If you want to feel confident and comfortable, it’s worth thinking in detail about what to wear to the first meeting. We suggest you some looks that are sure to catch the eye of your future – hopefully – in-laws!

General rules

  • There are a few rules to follow when choosing clothes for the first meeting with your partner’s parents.
  • Acceptable length of skirts and dresses – up to and beyond the knee.
  • Avoid very tight models made of thin leotard, as well as deep necklines and transparent materials.
  • Also avoid screaming colors and patterns.
  • Leave massive, eye-catching ornaments, dripping gold earrings and rings at home.
  • Use sporty and oversize accessories with restraint and moderation.

Style with a dress

But what kind of dress? Of course, it all depends on where your first meeting will take place. As long as you are not going to the opera or theater, it is not worth restraining your movements with a tight pencil dress. It’s better to concentrate on something casual. A good choice will be a knit or chiffon dress – it all depends on the season. Length – preferably knee-length or beyond the knee, and color – subdued (but without exaggeration!). The ideal complement to the dress will be classic pumps. Fashionable combinations with sneakers or sneakers reserve for meetings with friends.

Knee-length skirt and blouse

A combination that is sure not to miss will be the duo of knee-length skirt and blouse. Just be careful that the skirt is not too formal: pleats, ruffles or leather material will give the styling a bit of casualness. The blouse should not be straight from the closet of business women either. It is best to wear a simple white top with thick straps or a thin turtleneck – depending on the weather and the season.

Jeans and shirt

Contrary to popular opinion, jeans are also suitable for such an important meeting, provided you choose the right model. The best choice will be dark blue jeans with a classic top. And the cut can be anything – skinny, straight or flared. To avoid a sporty look, combine jeans with a shirt or shirt-blouse, white or striped, and complete the look with classic pumps.

 Women’s set and T-shirt

It would seem that a jacket with pants and a T-shirt is a boring classic. Nothing could be further from the truth! Today women’s suits look quite interesting, especially if you choose a model in a pastel color, for example, lilac, pink or lime green. Reserve the black, brown or dark blue variant for formal meetings and events. With a simple white T-shirt such a set will look neat and stylish.


Opt for minimalist accessories: thin chains, subtle rings and earrings, airy scarves and scarves. Save the wide-brimmed hat or massive necklace for another meeting, once the first ice is broken. 

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