How do you find the golden mean between your personal and professional life?

How do you find the golden mean between your personal and professional life?

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Finding the golden mean between personal and professional life can be somewhat difficult. People who are heavily involved in running their company or developing their business often complain about the lack of free time. Too many responsibilities can lead to fatigue and health problems. By finding some harmony between our professional and private lives, we can live a much better and healthier life.

Find your priorities

Many entrepreneurs and professionals in their field often repeat the fact that it is important to find your top priorities in life. If our passion and hobby is our work, that’s what we should spend most time on. For other people, a partner or family is important. Choosing priorities will make our lives on a much better level when it comes to satisfaction. A satisfying life is one in which we feel happy and do not feel that we are neglecting important aspects. If we know our priorities, we will be able to find the so-called golden mean between our personal life and work much easier. It will also help us to plan all our undertakings, so that we can find time and energy for our important duties or pleasures

Avoid so called time eaters

People who claim that they don’t have time for a personal life also often don’t realize how much time they spend on completely unnecessary activities. Browsing social media or watching TV is a pastime that very cleverly takes up a lot of our precious time. Instead of focusing on the task at hand and getting it done, we mindlessly browse the internet while at work or in between responsibilities. Often it is not related to obtaining interesting and useful information, but only to kill our time. Avoiding such behavior, we will surely find some extra time for personal development or meetings with family and friends. According to independent research, the time we spend on social media has increased significantly in recent times. In 2012, the average smartphone user browsed social media for about 1.5 hours a day. In 2019, on the other hand, that time nearly doubled to as much as 2 hours and 23 minutes. If we contact a long-lost friend or family member during this time, then it can be said to be part of our social life. However, most people’s conversations took up about half of that time. The other half, on the other hand, was spent browsing through friends’ photos or wallahs

Take care of responsibilities first

Very often people who are not very organized practice procrastination, that is, they tend to postpone unpleasant chores indefinitely, even though they know what will happen if the task is not done. The awareness of temporary relief caused by postponing an unpleasant duty is a strong temptation to put off important matters for later. Unfortunately, this can have lamentable consequences, as we will not escape from responsibility, but can only make our situation, whether professional or private, worse. Try to complete all tasks on time first, and only then take care of pleasures. Leisure time spent with the knowledge that all our major plans have been completed will be much more peaceful. We will also find time to relax or talk with loved ones when we don’t have to return to our unfinished tasks.

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Make a breakdown of your day

Writing out all of our important goals that we need to accomplish on a given day will make it much easier for us to complete them all without resistance. Knowing what is ahead of us, try to set aside at least an hour a day for our personal lives. Knowing that we have done our duty, we will be able to focus on ourselves and our loved ones, without any excuses. Many workaholics explain their lack of time with work. By setting priorities and also a schedule for the day, we will not be able to find an excuse for not meeting our partner or family.

Let’s be assertive

In professional work, let’s try to be assertive above all. In many cases, we don’t have time for our personal life because our boss or employer requires us to meet impossible deadlines. Even in shift work, such as in a factory, the labor code says that each employee is entitled to a minimum of 12 hours of rest between shifts. If our manager tries to give us more hours, and our schedule is already bursting at the seams, let’s try to take care of our own well-being and above all our health. Arrange your schedule so that it doesn’t interfere with important events or obligations, such as doctor’s appointments or tests. You can always refer to the Labour Code, which clearly indicates the number of days off to which we are entitled.

Finding the golden mean between work and private life requires constant work on oneself, but also a lot of assertiveness. Thanks to it we will certainly be able to win time off for ourselves and our family. It is worth planning our duties and doing them conscientiously and quickly in order to find time for our priorities.

Photo: Anastasia Shuraeva/Pexels

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