How to stimulate a child’s imagination?

How to stimulate a child’s imagination?

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Imaginary games, a castle made of chairs and a blanket, and imaginary friends – this is how many adults recall their childhood. Unfortunately, nowadays the imagination of small children is being killed, neglected and pushed into the background. Instead of educating their children’s creativity, parents prefer to enroll them in a number of additional classes that will give them more practical skills. Imagination is one very necessary – it enhances toddlers’ creativity, influences the ability to solve problems and conflicts and much more. Find out how to stimulate your child’s imagination.

Avoid screens

Most toddlers stare at moving images on bright screens as if hypnotized. The fascination that colorful animations and loud sounds arouse in children is downright frightening. Unfortunately, cartoons on screens kill imagination in young children. The fact that in displayed animation everything from the appearance of the characters, to their intentions, to their actions is presented as on a tray, makes children do not use their creativity to visualize the characters. To awaken the imagination of your little one, it is much better to read him fairy tales that will require the involvement of the young person. For the youngest children, of course, stories supported by illustrations are advisable, but older children should read fairy tales and stories without pictures to further develop their imagination.

Initiate creative play

Think carefully about the purchase of each toy in terms of its usefulness and utility. Glowing and playing plastic toys are not very developmental, they only serve the purpose of making sounds and beacons, and they have no effect on a child’s imagination at all. It is much better to buy your child building blocks, a doll house or a toy kitchen, workshop or stall, which kids will play with creatively. Playing out the scenes at a wooden stall, not only stimulates creativity, but also develops interpersonal skills and allows to practice mathematics or a foreign language in an accessible way. In the on-line store, you will find plenty of valuable toys that, while having fun, will allow your child to develop.

Expose your child to a variety of stimuli

The more your child has been able to experience and discover with its senses, the more it is able to imagine. Familiarity with different textures, temperatures, textures and sounds or consistencies develops your child’s imagination and influences how much your child can create in his head. A child needs to explore its surroundings with all its senses. Visiting with him such places as, for example, the world experience room, where everything can be touched and thoroughly examined, is a great idea for spending time with a toddler. Interactive playrooms, museums, art classes or any other activity during which the child can learn about new stimuli, and not only the pleasant ones, are very important for development.

Choose the right educational institution

A child spends in kindergarten about 9, even up to 10 hours a day. It is important that this is a time of great fun and continuous learning. Choose a kindergarten that focuses on development, uses modern educational methods and is run by conscious people. The equipment of the kindergarten is also important – furniture, toys and various constructions should be certified and safe for children.

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