How to change the look of tiles without forging?

How to change the look of tiles without forging?

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Forging tiles and replacing them with new ones is a troublesome and expensive thing. Few people want to get involved in it. On the other hand, tiles in the kitchen or bathroom can get boring or lose their original luster. What then? You don’t have to scrape off the tiles at all to change their appearance. There are other ways to do it. What are they? Find out in our material!

Cleaning tiles

If the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom have lost their luster and freshness over time, maybe it’s time for a general cleaning? In this way, the interior will remain the same, but will experience a “second youth”. Cleaning, of course, will not help with cracks and other mechanical damage, or if you want to change the design of the tiles. 

Stickers for tiles

If cleaning doesn’t satisfy you, think about self-adhesive film stickers. The costs associated with such tile restoration are minimal, and the results will exceed your expectations. You can find decorative stickers in home improvement and hardware stores. Before you attach them to the tiles of your choice, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and dried. If you make a mistake in gluing, the stickers can always be removed. With their help you will mask gaps and cracks on the tiles. Stickers are easy to use, they remain shiny and fresh for a long time, and they are not afraid of water.

PVC tiles

Vinyl tiles are an easy way to completely change the look of your tiles. You can lay vinyl tiles directly over old tiles without any help. All you have to do is clean and degrease their surfaces well. Then all that is left for you is to glue the tiles. Thanks to the variety of designs and colors, you are sure to find tiles to suit your needs.

Painting tiles

If the tiles are no longer on trend or you are simply bored with their design, you can repaint them. There are many paints available on the market designed for tiles. Just keep in mind that while matte paint is sufficient for matte tiles, you still need a primer for glazed ones. As with stickers and vinyl tiles, tiles should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased before applying paint. Before painting, it’s also a good idea to apply a moisture-isolating product – this will increase the resistance of the bathroom walls.

For variety, you can paint only selected tiles instead of the entire surface. If you have patience, you may be tempted to paint patterns or ornaments. Here the effect will depend on the care of workmanship and your innate talents.

New tiles over old or wallpaper

If the old tiles have been fixed flawlessly, you can put new tiles on them, keeping in mind that their lifespan will be shorter, and that such a solution should be applied locally. You can also cover the old tiles with wallpaper. You will bring a fresh effect to the interior without the need for a general overhaul. To glue wallpaper in areas exposed to water, use adhesives that have anti-fungal agents in their composition. Before getting down to work, you prime the wall and let it dry.

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