Sleeping mattress – what to look for when buying?

Sleeping mattress – what to look for when buying?

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Healthy sleep is the basis of regeneration and rest. It is difficult to create better conditions for it than purchasing a comfortable mattress which is adjusted to our needs. The right one, that is the one which supports our spine in its natural position. What else should be taken care of?

Why is a mattress so important?

Taking care of a proper mattress should be one of the first things you do when decorating your bedroom. It’s important to have an original design, interesting decorations and storage space. A comfortable chest of drawers and bedside table have to be there, but it is the mattress that matters the most. First of all, our regeneration after a hard day and perspectives to wake up refreshed and with energy to start another day. With a sore back, this will be much more difficult

What type of mattress to choose? The options available

Mattress manufacturers are outdoing themselves in incorporating modern technologies in their products, which are supposed to allow you to combine healthy sleep with comfort. Here are the most popular types of such a range:

  • foam mattress – cheap, recommended for people weighing up to 65 kg, but not very durable. Polyurethane foam allows thermal insulation and has anti-allergic properties;
  • bonell mattress – a combined system of springs extends the life of such a product. The surface is elastic and resistant to deformation. It is recommended for hotels and people with heavy body weight;
  • pocket mattress – the springs are placed in separate pockets and it is good that there are as many of them as possible. This is a higher class product that allows you to use point elasticity. It is recommended for two people;
  • latex mattress – these are also a higher quality product. Flexible, durable, they are sometimes used for their orthopedic properties. They are anti-allergenic;
  • highly elastic mattress – with similar properties as latex, but designed for people with more advanced spinal problems.

Mattress firmness. What should it be?

Another important aspect that we consider when choosing a mattress is its firmness. This is often a little difficult to find. However, we should remember that our health depends on the right choice. The spine should not sink into the mattress but it should offer a slight resistance. The surface should not be too soft, as this can lead to back pain at best, but also too hard. It will be difficult for us to get a good night’s sleep on a mattress surface that is too firm. Here are the important markings:

  • H1 – soft mattress, which is intended for light people whose weight reaches a maximum of 60 kg;
  • H2 – medium firmness product; intended for users weighing between 60 and 80 kg;
  • H3 – hard mattress, which is recommended for people weighing from 80 to even 110 kg;
  • H4 – a very hard product designed for users weighing more than 110 kg;

Mattresses for couples

What should we do if we need to buy a mattress for two people whose weights are very different from each other? The most common solution is one of two:

  • a mattress is bought to fit the heavier of the two people,
  • choose two mattresses with different firmness.

Mattresses for children and seniors

It is also sometimes difficult to choose a mattress for children and teenagers. Especially for the latter age group this can be a problem: they are still growing, their build and above all their weight are changing. The most important thing, however, is that people under 15 should not sleep on mattresses which are too soft, as this could harm the development of their spinal column.

In case of seniors the problem can be either too hard or too soft mattress. The former can lead to hip or back pain, while the latter makes it difficult to get out of bed. It is therefore advisable to choose something in between.

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