How to pay less for electricity?

How to pay less for electricity?

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Wondering how you can reduce your household electricity bills? Read this guide, in which we present 5 practical ways to reduce the amount of electricity you use – they will work in every home.

Electricity prices in Poland have risen considerably in recent years and are expected to continue rising. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how we can reduce a little bit of electricity consumption, so that the monthly bills do not start to make us dizzy. Learn about practices that can help you pay less for electricity.

Turn off devices instead of putting them to sleep

A common practice, especially with computers and laptops, is to put devices into sleep mode instead of turning them off. While this is obviously convenient and saves you time rebooting, it draws power the entire time your equipment is in standby mode.

Although these are relatively small amounts of electricity compared to running the device in normal mode, on a monthly basis, putting equipment to sleep in this way can contribute up to 10% more on your electric bill. So if you won’t be using your device for more than an hour, turn it off instead of putting it to sleep.

Turn off WiFi

In most homes, the WiFi router is on 24 hours a day. This device is also constantly drawing electricity, so it’s a good idea to turn the router off whenever you know that no one will be using the internet for an extended period of time. When we leave for a few days, go to work or school, or even at night – by switching off the router during such periods, we can slightly reduce our power consumption.

Ecological washing in a washing machine

Washing at high temperatures contributes significantly to increasing the amount on your electricity bill. It is therefore worth learning about ways to do ecological washing. First of all, we should start by sorting the laundry according to the degree of dirt – it is known that not all stains can be removed in 30 or 40 degrees. On the other hand, there is no need to wash all the clothes in high temperatures. That is why pre-sorting will help us save on unnecessary heating of water by the washing machine.

Invest in energy-saving lighting

When buying light bulbs it is easier to reach for the ordinary ones, available at much lower prices than the energy-saving versions. But this is a vicious circle – a traditional bulb uses 4 times more electricity than its energy-saving alternative. It is therefore worth spending a few zlotys more when buying light bulbs than paying four times more for electricity at the end of the month.

What is more, it is worth getting additional sources of light in rooms, especially in the living room or bedroom, where we usually rest. Then instead of switching on the main, large source of light we can use one smaller lamp e.g. when watching TV, a movie or reading a book. Introducing such a practice will allow us to significantly reduce our electricity bills.

Place the fridge away from the heat source

A fridge or freezer placed next to an appliance that generates heat will have to consume much more energy to maintain a low temperature. So under no circumstances should you place your fridge near a radiator that constantly generates heat for more than half of the year. And don’t place your fridge near an oven or stove that only generates heat occasionally – each time it does, it causes the fridge to work harder and consume more electricity.

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