What should a layette for a baby contain?

What should a layette for a baby contain?

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The birth of a baby is a reason to rejoice, but it is also a necessity to purchase many things for the new member of the family. Whether the youngest addition to the family is your baby, nephew, niece or grandchild, it is worth learning about the most important things that should be included in the little man’s layette.

Clothes for a toddler

Without a doubt, every toddler needs clothes. Importantly, babies grow so fast that it’s worth buying clothes in several sizes – even if they’re too big for the baby now, they’re sure to become suitable quickly. It is a great convenience for new parents, because they do not have to run to the store every month to buy new sleeping bags. The baby will be fine if he sleeps in a slightly too big pyjamas, and thanks to this you will not have to change them after a while. Another thing you should pay attention to when choosing clothes for the layette is the material they are made of. Bet on safe, comfortable, natural materials, such as cotton. The clothes should be comfortable and not restrict the movements of the child. Pay attention to the season, in which the birth is planned. It’s natural that the closet of a baby born in the summer or spring months will look completely different from that of a baby born in the fall and winter.

Bedding for a toddler

Due to the fact that the toddler’s cradle or crib is of non-standard size, the bedding that the parents-to-be already have at home will not be suitable for it. Not only its appearance is important (it’s obvious that everyone would like their child’s room to be colorful, patterned and pleasant), but also its practicality. That’s why for example sheets with elastic band (remember to always have a supply of these!), comforter with non-allergenic filling and protectors for the crib will be perfect. Thanks to them a child who will start to turn over from side to side will not hit his head on the bars. An important point to remember is that babies do not need pillows! On the contrary, they have a negative effect on the spine and can lead to spinal abnormalities. A great addition to the baby’s crib are also protective pads, put on the mattress under the sheet. They prevent your baby’s urine from leaking from the diaper from soaking into the mattress.

Diapers (or multi-diapers)

It’s no surprise that reusable diapers are not a fad, but are only growing in popularity among younger and more experienced moms. Although they may be associated with tetan diapers commonly used in the communist times, they couldn’t be more different from them. They are a convenient choice not only for babies but also for their parents. They are easy to put on and equally easy to keep clean. You just have to remember that when deciding on a multi-pad diaper it’s worth buying a separate basket for dirty diapers and inserts, powder or liquid for washing diapers, disposable blotting sheets (they help to maintain hygiene) and a bag for dirty diapers in case you go for a walk

An interesting alternative to traditional disposable diapers and cloth diapers are those made of biodegradable materials, e.g. disposable bamboo diapers

Feeding accessories

Not every mother has to breastfeed. That decision is entirely up to you, and has no bearing on what kind of mom you are. The milk mixtures available on the market provide all the necessary ingredients for a good mood, so if you don’t have this option or simply feel that breastfeeding is not for you, opt for bottle feeding and adjust the purchase of the necessary accessories to it. If you assume, however, that you will decide on a natural way of feeding, it is worth buying a breast pump, which many times will save your skin in crisis situations. Or provide a moment to breathe, which every mother deserves!

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