Provencal style in the interiors – how to get it?

Provencal style in the interiors – how to get it?

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In modern design there are many different directions and each of them is interesting in its own way. One of the most popular trends is the Provencal style, which is based on simplicity and elegance

Furniture, decorative elements, finishing materials and colors – everything works together to create an exceptionally cozy and practical interior. What distinguishes Provencal style in interiors?

Characteristics of interior design in Provence style

The Provencal style recreates the classic atmosphere of the French countryside, familiar to all. Soft, streamlined shapes, subtle shades and naturalness are characteristic for the interiors. Each element of the decor is born from associations with a cloudless sky, azure coast and boundless fields of the French countryside.

Provençal style is more desirable in spacious rooms, because the “air” in it is a full-fledged element of the interior. Small rooms are better to decorate in another style or use only selected elements of Provence.

To paint walls in this style, use a light, pastel color palette. The main color can be delicate shades of pink, green and blue, which will look great against the background of natural wood and plant ornaments.

In a true Provencal interior, each piece of furniture is a work of art. Tables, chairs and cabinets are whitewashed and bear signs of old age. The ideal solution would be to buy furniture with a unique past from auctions. However, this is a big investment, so we suggest ordering old styled pieces of furniture.

In creating a cozy atmosphere, additional decorative elements will also be helpful, which is why the area of the room is so important for the Provencal style. The interior should include potted plants, as well as decorations in the form of paintings and statuettes. An abundance of natural light entering the room will help once again emphasize the charm of each element of the decor.

Interior design in Provence style

Apartment decorated from beginning to end in the style of Provence can become a real oasis of warmth and coziness. Such interior breathes lightness and freshness, making its residents and guests experience a state of bliss. Provence style is alien to dark colors and contrasts, heavy furniture and too bright decorations. All elements used here put people in a positive mood: floral ornaments, natural fabrics and warm colors, associated with the sea and sun.

Color solutions

Eye-pleasing, subtle, calming tones are the basis of a Provençal interior. Designers usually choose the following shades

  • beige,
  • sandy,
  • light blue,
  • light green,
  • lilac.

The picture of the whole is complemented by decorative elements painted in more vivid colors, for example, dark blue.

It is important that you keep in the same color scheme not only the wall surfaces, but also most of the furniture and decorations. The walls and floor should be as neutral as possible, so that the darker-colored furniture is well exposed.

Finishing characteristics

The walls of interiors decorated in the Provençal style can be finished with stucco. When installing it, it is not necessary to strive to achieve the effect of perfectly smooth walls: any irregularities will be a gem of design.

The walls can also be wallpapered. In a Provencal interior look good paper wallpaper with a plant ornament.

Choice of furniture

Furniture in Provence style should not only please the eye, but also be functional. Choose only wooden furniture, as far as possible avoiding inserts from plastic, and even glazing.

Furniture is usually whitewashed and aged: any scuffs and knots will serve as a decoration on par with carvings and accessories. No less important is the upholstery of the furniture: made of natural fabrics and in a neutral color.

Textiles and decoration

Decorations are what the Provençal style will never look elegant without.

An obligatory decorative element are curtains made of light fabrics, through which daylight enters the room. Curtains made of cotton and linen will be ideal – after all, the Provencal style adheres to naturalness.

Curtain fabrics may be monochromatic, but floral and geometric patterns will suit some interiors. The same applies to bedding.

It will also be most appropriate to hang paintings on the walls, regardless of the directions they represent. Expose them with gilded frames.

The aesthetics of the room will also be raised by decorative elements, such as caskets, vases, figurines, photos. There may be quite a lot of them, but remember that too many decorations may overload the interior.

Photo Sophia Kunkel/Unsplash

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