Is it menopause yet? Find out how to recognize it

Is it menopause yet? Find out how to recognize it

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Menopause is the time when a woman stops ovulating, which means the gradual disappearance of menstruation. There is no specific age at which the representative of the fair sex will go through menopause. In some ladies, menopause appears quite quickly. If you are interested in this topic, be sure to read the following article, from which you will learn what are the symptoms of menopause and how to deal with it.

Menopause – at what age can it occur?

Menopause can occur in women at any age. A woman’s body undergoes changes that get worse with age. The effects of decreased estrogen production are felt in the premenopausal period. It appears about 10 years before menopause. Menstrual periods become less abundant and slightly shortened bleeding may occur. Most menopause occurs between the ages of 41 and 55. In women who have had their ovaries removed or those who have hormonal problems, menopause symptoms occur as early as age 30-35. If you have any menstrual disturbances, it is worth consulting your doctor, who will advise you on appropriate hormone therapy and order tests for estrogen levels.

Menopause – symptoms

The first symptoms of menopause appear during perimenopause – before the age of 40 women may experience irregular menstruation, pain in the lower abdomen and a feeling of fatigue. About 10 years before the expected menopause, many ladies complain of just such symptoms.

After the age of 40, in turn, when the reproductive processes are inhibited, such symptoms appear as:

  • sudden hot flashes – there is a feeling of strong overheating of the body, you can feel the so-called cold sweats. Hot flashes are sudden and disappear quickly, but they can be quite uncomfortable;
  • headaches and dizziness;
  • sensitivity to smell;
  • sleep problems – insomnia;
  • memory problems and irritability due to fluctuating hormone levels in the blood. Menopause does not cause depression, but if this condition is already present, menopause can aggravate it, so if you are undergoing psychiatric treatment, be sure to tell your gynecologist so that he/she can choose the right therapy for you;
  • vaginal dryness;
  • increased or decreased libido – many women in menopause may experience a change in the sexual sphere, unfortunately, some ladies are less interested in intercourse, which is related to a less moistened vagina. A gynecologist can help you choose the right lube to solve this problem;
  • heart palpitations;
  • dry skin.

In order to check whether the above-mentioned symptoms actually indicate the approaching menopause, it is necessary to take a test of the FSH hormone, which is responsible for stimulating ovarian follicles to ovulate. High levels of this hormone may indicate the onset of menopause. The test can be done in the blood to find out if ovulation is still occurring. Your gynecologist can give you a referral for this test during a follow-up visit.

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How do I cope with the symptoms of menopause?

Menopause time is quite difficult for women. Hot flashes, headaches, and the awareness of the passing of time do not fill you with optimism. Fortunately, there are ways to cope with it better

Movement, healthy diet and avoiding stress are very important. Changes in the body caused by the menopause can greatly disrupt everyday life. To make the symptoms of menopause a little less uncomfortable, it is recommended to change your diet. It is worth betting on easy to digest meals rich in vegetables and fruit. Regular check-ups for cervical cancer and breast cancer are also necessary as the risk of cancer increases significantly during menopause. Gynecologists also recommend dietary supplements and hormone replacement therapy, which balances estrogen levels in the blood, which reduces uncomfortable feelings such as hot flashes and cold sweats.

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