How to decorate the walls in your living room? Explore our suggestions

How to decorate the walls in your living room? Explore our suggestions

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Living room is a representative place. With the right wall decoration we can emphasize its character. Wall decoration in the living room will definitely help us to distinguish its unique style and class. Let’s check what the right wall decorations will be and how they can be combined with other decor elements.

Stick-on wall decorations

If we are sure about our idea for the living room arrangement, it is worth to place on the wall decorations, which will be permanently fixed in a chosen place. It is important that the decoration is visible and emphasizes the character of the interior. We can choose from:

  • decorative coffers,
  • wooden tiles,
  • ceramic tiles,
  • concrete and paint with the texture of concrete,
  • photo wallpaper,
  • stucco.

All these elements can be selected to complement the interior.

Decorative coffers

Coffers are most often made of polystyrene foam and are placed on the ceiling. You can also create from them an interesting decoration on the walls. Single, for example round coffers, look good on walls in representative places, especially over a sofa. It is worth to paint them in a characteristic color contrasting with the shade of walls, to give an interesting style to the interior. You can paint them with a special spray paint, on a shade of gold or silver, which reminds us of the old Louis XVI style, but also Art déco. Coffers also look good in natural white, especially if they have an original texture, which in itself is a great decoration.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles have long ceased to be associated with bathrooms or kitchens. Many people even choose ceramic wall tiles for their living room, which can give the interior a slightly exotic or southern character. They combine perfectly with stucco, for example.


Stucco can be made on the whole wall, but also only to its half. This works only with high ceilings, because otherwise they can significantly shorten the room. They work very well in elegant and extremely classic rooms. In combination with decorative wooden furniture and upholstered sofas and chaise longues, they will refer to the English style. To give it a typical English character, you can also cover its center with wallpaper.

Wall murals

Photo wallpapers were very popular in the 90’s but their style was different from the ones you can buy nowadays. Contemporary photo wallpapers are extremely elegant, and by the way you can find them in many interesting patterns and colors. Thanks to them our room can gain an original character. Wall murals can refer for example to old woodcuts or famous works of art, which will be perfect for a more classic living room, with an additional decoration in the form of stucco by the ceiling. More modern murals, such as 3D, on the other hand, will be perfect with futuristic furniture or LED lighting.


Paints that create an imitation of concrete on the wall are elegant yet versatile. They will work well for simple minimalist interiors that host loft-like, industrial furniture or a minimalist amount of accessories.

Wooden tiles

Wooden elements on the wall, in the form of wainscoting look natural, and above all, perfectly fit for interiors that refer to the Scandinavian style. Wainscoting, in which the wood has visible rings and shows its structure, makes the interior more cozy. On the background of a gray or beige sofa with a warm woolen blanket, wainscoting fits perfectly. The combination of a natural oak floor will also work great.

Decorations to hang

In addition to decorations that are placed permanently on the wall, you can also take care of pieces that are a bit more movable, ideal for hanging. Here are some of them:

  • bookshelves,
  • mirrors,
  • photo frames,
  • posters.

For any true bibliophile, there is no better wall decoration in the living room than a shelf filled with books. You can find them in different versions. Original proposals have a decorative form, such as a tree, where the longitudinal elements of the shelves are branches, and books placed on shelves parallel to the floor resemble leaves. Shelves, which combine wooden and metal elements, are also fashionable. A metal frame with wooden shelves placed in it will give the interior a modern and loft-like atmosphere.

Mirrors, in turn, optically enlarge the space, especially if we decide to place an oblong mirror at the entrance. Thanks to such a treatment the room will become larger. They have a decorative character, especially if we hang large mirrors together with smaller ones and create an original composition.

Frames with photos will always remind us of nice moments, so it is worth placing them in well visible places, just like posters that reflect our hobbies

Photo: Sidekix Media/Unsplash

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