Rest for the confident woman – what should it look like?

Rest for the confident woman – what should it look like?

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Every confident woman knows her desires and knows what makes her happy. She has a huge appetite for life. What is more, she has no problems or resistance to communicate her needs. She knows that fulfillment in private and professional life requires assertiveness and she cultivates this feature. As a result, she is able to organize her free time in a way that is relaxing, full of excitement and tailored to her preferences. No matter what others may say

Self-confident woman – what kind of woman?

What do we mean by “confident woman”? First of all it is such a person, who knows what she wants. She is assertive, which means she knows her possibilities and limitations and is not afraid to talk about them. She can talk about her needs and desires, but also refuse, if what others require of her contradicts her own aspirations. Assertiveness is not hostility or passive resistance. It is important to recognize the line between what we would call aggressive, assertive, and submissive behavior. Assertiveness can be seen as a middle ground between these two qualities depending on the demands of the environment. Let us nurture this trait in ourselves and develop it all the time. Thanks to this, we will not have prudish resistance to fulfill our dreams and fantasies.

How does a confident woman rest?

There is no clear answer to this question. Every self-confident woman knows her needs and knows how to organize her free time to get the most satisfaction from it. The key to a satisfying rest is to learn exactly what makes us feel relaxed. Once we have this knowledge, let’s just start doing it. Let’s not force ourselves into activities that conflict with our desires. If you don’t like loud parties spiked with alcohol, don’t be afraid to decline an invitation to such an event. Healthy selfishness is not a bad thing and allows us to maintain a balance in our personal and professional lives. The key to satisfaction is knowing ourselves and acting in accordance with our own worldview. And of course respecting the rights and values of others

Activities for every confident woman

A confident woman realizes her dreams, even the craziest ones. Bungee jumping, paragliding or skiing in difficult terrain – nothing is impossible. Courage is not only about extreme activities, it is also about overcoming routine and acquiring new skills. An adventurous woman is not afraid of spontaneity, which is why she is willing to go to the spa or on a trip without any prior plans. Relaxation does not have to be associated with lying in bed or on the couch, you can also relax while moving. That is why dance classes or combat sports can be a good solution for women

A confident woman knows herself and her body

A confident woman knows perfectly not only her character, but also her body. Moreover, she is able to communicate about her bodily needs, she talks about it with her partner or partner. In the vocabulary of a feisty woman there is no word “limitations”, so she explores, searches and tries new things. These women are not afraid to reach for erotic gadgets, such as the penguin vibrator. Non-contact intimate toys can not only provide relaxation, but also raise the temperature in the bedroom. If you are a confident woman, try out the penguin vibrator for yourself

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