Kitchen renovation – where to start?

Kitchen renovation – where to start?

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Kitchen renovation can be quite a hassle for us. However, it is important to control the chaos and keep calm. It’s worth planning our actions step by step in order to smoothly go through the renovation and create the kitchen of our dreams.

Where to start with kitchen renovation?

Before the renovation, it’s important to properly pack and secure your kitchen appliances. When packing, look at which items are worth keeping and which can be thrown away; pots, cups, bowls or cutlery. Before packing you should also take a look at your small appliances. Get rid of a non-functioning blender or toaster in advance so you can buy a new model for your dream kitchen. Let’s pack in bubble wrap and then in cardboard boxes. Extremely fragile dishes such as glasses, especially crystal glasses, should be protected with paper towels or newspapers. Let’s pack the least necessary items first, and leave the ones we use most often for last.

Planning and decorating your kitchen

It is a very good idea to consult with people who do kitchen design to help you set up all your appliances. It is important to remember that a kitchen should have zones where we can cook, as well as wash dishes and serve cooked food. Such zones will make it much easier for us to work, arrange the appropriate decorative elements and equipment. Cabinets and their arrangement are not without significance; we should also consider the number and width of worktops, which are our places to work. It is very important to have a small countertop between the stove and the sink. We can put a pot with a hot dish or a freshly baked cake on it. It will also be used for serving dishes.

The countertop on the other side of the sink is also very important for preparing meals. The cabinets, on the other hand, should be tailored to the particular kitchen area; where you prepare dishes from semi-finished products, there should be a cargo cabinet for dry products. It may be located under the countertop. An extra deep shelf above the countertop will also come in handy to accommodate knives, cutting boards, a blender or a meat grinder, for example

Next to the dishwasher and the sink, it’s a good idea to place with drawers, where it’s much easier to find space for plates or cups. Deep drawers will work well for plates. One shallower drawer can be used as an organizer for cutlery. Many people appreciate a pull-out cabinet right next to the stove. Magic corner cabinets that hold tall pots or pans are perfect. With such a cabinet placed in the corner, you can make use of hard to reach space in the kitchen.

When renovating a kitchen it is extremely important to plan space for a stove and dishwasher. Certainly the placement of these appliances depends on where we have gas, water and drainage connections

Electrical sockets should be placed near where appliances such as the fridge, oven and dishwasher will be located. More outlets should be placed above countertops. Four sockets are enough to use the kitchen comfortably. It is worth planning them before the renovation.

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