Stroller for the city and on vacation – how to choose?

Stroller for the city and on vacation – how to choose?

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The eternal problem of “how to choose the best baby stroller” is faced not only by every young parent, but also by those with seniority. Children grow fast and their needs change. What is more, new models appear on the market, suggesting more and more innovative solutions. It would seem that since we and our parents used to ride in baby carriages, nothing new can be introduced in this market. However, it turns out that baby stroller manufacturers, listening to the needs of modern parents, surprise with great ideas that will certainly come in handy both during a walk in your favorite park and during a trip out of town.

Many needs, one solution

Multifunction strollers can serve you and your baby until they are four years old. They usually consist of three parts – a carrycot, a stroller, and a car seat. A small child will use the carrycot, which is perfect for long walks. What makes these strollers stand out from others? First of all, how easy it is to attach other parts to the frame with wheels and how convenient the transport is. When you are going for a walk not to the local park but to the doctor or to your family, you may attach a car seat to the frame in place of the carrycot. The majority of baby carriages with a carrycot are large and you may have difficulty in packing them into the trunk. That’s why multifunctional strollers have this accessory that definitely makes being a modern parent easier. You attach the car seat in the right place in the car, and only the frame goes into the trunk. The last part – the stroller – will definitely serve you when your child grows out of the carrycot. Multifunctional stroller is definitely a great solution when it comes to moving around the city.

In a healthy body, a healthy spirit

Parents who are fascinated with a healthy lifestyle try to teach their child the same from the first years of life. Problems arise when your daily exercises are hampered by the fact that you have no one to leave your toddler with. While a home work-out for two is not a problem, the situation is different when you are a running fanatic. You don’t have to postpone jogging until your kid goes to kindergarten. A great solution to this problem is jogging strollers. They have been created specifically for parents who live a healthy lifestyle. If your child is already able to sit up on his own, get the right model as soon as possible – they have a streamlined shape, a three-wheel system, shock absorbing suspension and manual brakes. You will quickly notice that once your little one gets used to moving faster, he or she will love the sport along with you.

Ahoy, adventure!

Another important thing to remember when you have a young child is that you don’t stop being human because of it. As a mom, you still have your interests, passions, needs and dreams. Fulfill them – and do it together with your little one. Tricycles will help you do that. They’re a brilliant solution when you want to go on vacation with your family. You can attach them to your bike when you go on a family bike ride – and with a tricycle, you no longer have to worry about keeping the youngest member of your family at home. It’s a practical purchase that will work for both summer and winter vacations – you can even go skiing with trikes! All you have to do is easily adjust them to a different mode. This is so easy that you don’t even need tools to do it. The best trikes have enough room for two kids and luggage, and the reclining seats will keep your child comfortable and safe. Did you know that a good tricycle will even have its own lights? Vacationing with your baby has never been so easy before.

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