The Best Outdoor Toys for Toddler Kids

The Best Outdoor Toys for Toddler Kids

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If you are buying a gift for a toddler boy or girl, do you know what to get them this year? Here are the best toys for toddlers who love to play outside! With these toys, you’ll engage your child, encourage them to run around and get some exercise, and encourage creativity and imagination. Added to that, all these fun toys are safe for playing indoors, so you can’t go wrong with these great toddler outdoor toys!


You might think that these toys are just for kids. And you would be right if you thought that toddlers would only play with balls indoors. However, there are actually some awesome outdoor toys that can stimulate kids as well as give them fun exercise and playtime outdoors. There are plenty of different kinds of balls like soccer balls, footballs, baseballs, basketballs and more. Some of these even come in toddler sizes so they will last longer than other regular sized ones. The great thing about outdoor balls is that they can be used in a variety of ways: catch games, kick games or just playing around with friends or family members while doing something fun outside.


With age, children will come to know and enjoy the different textures and smells. In the following toys, these interests help children to learn various concepts. Your toddler will have fun making up his own stories as he watches objects go through a routine, then try his hand at putting things in order on his own. Little Tikes also has several products (including toys pictured above) designed with toddlers in mind. The Little Tikes Easy Store Picnic Table is an easy-to-assemble set that includes two benches and a cooler. This set can be relocated from one place to another, meaning it can grow with your child as he or she progresses, or remain in a certain spot, if desired. It’s perfect for families who like spending time together outdoors.


Tabletop games which require you to use smaller items such as cubes or dominoes allow toddlers to work on their hand-eye coordination and development of their fine motor skills. You won’t need to find a battery in these toys, so you can play with your child, wherever you go. This collection of high quality outdoor toys are designed for children aged from birth up to six years old. Most children in the age range of two to four years old will benefit from playing outdoors; however, there is variation based on how much physical activity they get during the day, how mobile they are, and how well they can be independent while being outdoors alone.

Yoyo Strings

Yoyos have been around forever, and they’re still a great toy. Invented by Pedro Flores in 1928, yoyos come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with different weights and designs to suit different skill levels. Although they take some practice to get down, yoys are ideal outside toys that provide fun both indoors and out. Go ahead and let your toddler take his or her yoyo outside just remember to lay down a blanket first. Then all you’ll need is a nice breeze to enjoy hours of outdoor playtime fun.

Hand Air Pump With Valve Adaptor Needle

Make sure that you have an adapter with your pump toy before you give it to your child. The adapter attaches over the needle and allows you to regulate the amount of air pressure applied. It’s easy for kids to lose their grip on a toy and end up with a painful blast of air aimed right at their eyes. These pump toys are designed with safety valves to protect your little ones. But make sure to check for yourself before using it, if you have any concerns. Some toys come with soft plastic caps that can cover needles while they’re not in use, making them a great invention as they will prevent any injuries but will also prevent dust from getting inside the needles.

Lots of great toys out there, so you’ll have a hard time knowing where to start. Hopefully, we helped you get pointed in the right direction and have provided some great toy ideas to help them stay active. Consider this – there are many things to think about before making the purchase. If you would like to know more about these products, visit the website.

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