Discover the benefits of exercising on an orbiter

Discover the benefits of exercising on an orbiter

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If you are considering purchasing an exercise machine to get you moving at home, an excellent choice would be an orbiter. Not only will you burn body fat with this machine, but you will also improve your overall body shape and strengthen your muscles. See what other advantages of exercising on an orbiter.

An orbiter is a device which engages the whole body and allows you to perform both aerobic exercises and strength training. It will allow you to burn excess fat and strengthen muscles, and its additional advantage is that it does not strain your joints. Orbitrek combines the advantages of treadmill, stationary bike and stepper, and it is a machine that will not take up much space at home

Advantages of exercising on an orbiter

A magnetic orbiter is also known as an elliptical bike or cross-trainer. It is a machine that is popular in both gyms and homes. Training on an orbiter is pleasant, effective and safe – the risk of injury is minimal. During the exercises, the legs do not move away from the ground, and the hands rest on the handles – performing smooth movements in an arc, we engage the whole body without stressing the joints. We can adjust the intensity of the workout to our capabilities and expected results.

Modern elliptical bikes are equipped with a display that shows the number of calories burnt, exercise time, distance covered, our speed and heart rate. Some models also have the ability to measure body fat or perform a fitness test – this function allows you to adjust your training to your physical condition.

Orbiter – slimming and improving fitness

Exercising on an orbiter is a great way to lose weight. Intensive training will help you burn excess body fat, model and slim your figure. In order to obtain the desired results, you should exercise for at least 30 minutes, at least three times a week, preferably doing interval training. We should also remember to set an appropriate load

Intense exercise on an orbiter allows you to burn more calories than on a stationary bike – an orbiter involves more muscle groups than a bike. Training on an orbiter involves strengthening the thighs, calves, buttocks, as well as the arms and abdominal muscles. In addition to strength training, we can also do cardio training, which will significantly improve the efficiency of our body.

Orbitrek exercises better than jogging?

Everyone can start training on an orbiter – it is also recommended for people who are very overweight, as exercises on this device do not require good condition or special physical fitness, and their pace and level of difficulty can be adjusted to a given person. Unlike running, which is a demanding workout and may not be enjoyable for everyone, an orbiter allows you to perform safe exercises which guarantee great results.
What’s more, people who are advised against jogging by their doctor for health reasons, are usually recommended to exercise on an elliptical bike as a safe substitute for running. No load on the joints, involvement of numerous body parts, general fitness and strength training – these are the features that make training on an orbiter effective and injury-free.

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