What is the best way to wash floor tiles?

What is the best way to wash floor tiles?

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Floor tiles are the most common finishing material of choice. If you want them to serve you for years, you need to follow a few rules. See what to wash floor tiles with to make them shine with newness and cleanliness!

Rules of care

Always start cleaning by picking up the trash dry. To do this, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a sweep and dustpan. Special attention should be paid to the grout, as this is where dust collects. Next, wipe the stains, using water or, if necessary, cleaning agents. Only then can you get down to cleaning the surface. The last step is to make the surface shine, unless the floor tiles are dull by nature. For this you can use chemical detergents or natural cleaners.

Floor tiles – what to wash with?

To wash floor tiles you do not need to get special detergents at all. To remove greasy stains, an ordinary dishwashing liquid is often enough. Just apply it for a few minutes. Rubbing the floor with the hard side of a sponge is not a good idea, as it can leave micro cracks that will grow larger over time. Large contaminants go away when exposed to toilet or sink cleaner. Just apply it to the surface and then wash it off with a generous amount of water. Stains from ketchup, coffee or blood can be removed with the help of soda. Just mix it with water to the consistency of a slurry and apply it to the stain for 5 minutes.

The effect of shiny floor tiles can be achieved not only with the help of chemical detergents, but also natural cleaners. It is always a good idea to have ammonia on hand, which, when combined with water, gives an effective cleaning agent. A solution of ammonia works well for cleaning glazes and grout. A solution of spirit vinegar and citric acid is also a reliable cleaner. The latter is worth pouring into a spray bottle and every time a stain appears on a tile, spray it and wipe it dry with a cloth or mop.

Floor tiles – what not to wash?

Floor tiles are a practical and long-lasting material, provided you follow a few rules. Floor tiles can not be washed with soap, which leaves difficult to remove stains, or with aggressive agents that damage the surface. Perhaps one such washing will not leave visible changes, but after a year or a year and a half, the cracks will be visible to the naked eye. Tiles in such a state will also be harder to clean with each subsequent soiling. For the same reason, do not scrub the tiles with the hard side of a sponge.

Floor tiles – how to get a shine?

You can wash floor tiles to a shine with the help of special detergents or a solution of citric acid, ammonia or vinegar. However, you need to remember to use these agents in moderation. Their excess will negatively affect the condition of the grout and the tiles themselves. A safer measure in this regard turns out to be a solution of spirits. It is enough to dissolve 125 ml of spirit in 4 liters of water, soak a cloth in the solution and wipe the cleaned floor with it.

main photo: unsplash.com/Steven Ungermann

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