The most fashionable bob hairstyles – find the perfect fit for you

The most fashionable bob hairstyles – find the perfect fit for you

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Bob hairstyles have captured the hearts of celebrities and Instagramers. This cut has been hailed as the hairstyle of 2021! If you value comfort but can’t decide on a radical cut, the bob is the perfect solution for you. Be sure to check out all the trendy variations.

Short bob – the haircut for the daring

The cute and cheeky short bob is still very much in fashion. This hairstyle not only fits perfectly but is also very comfortable to wear. Women in their late 30s and early 40s often go for the short bob cut. Women in their late 30s and early 40s also prefer the short bob cut if they don’t want a tomboy cut but find it hard to get away with their long hair. This cut is quite daring but still leaves a little bit of length in the hair, giving the impression that your hair is not short at all. A short bob at jaw level can shorten the neck slightly and make our face look plumper. Use layered shading to lift the hair at the roots and give it more body. A short bob with asymmetrical parting can also give your face an oval shape.

The angled bob is perfect for round faces

If your face is rather round then the angled bob is the perfect hairstyle for you. The sharp cut at the jawline does wonders to slenderize the face but also accentuates its features. It is not too extreme and the lack of graduation makes it much easier to grow your hair afterwards. Both the symmetrical and the asymmetrical parting look classy and elegant. Rihanna and Victoria Beckham, for example, have worn this style for some time. The length of the hair neither makes it too long nor too short. It can still be easily tied up in a ponytail. Angled bobs are available in shoulder-length and longer styles. Either version has its own charm and is sure to win the heart of every fan of shorter haircuts.

Pixie bob – pixie cut and bob all in one

The unusual combination of a pixie cut and bob is sure to get you noticed. This is the trendiest hairstyle of 2021! It’s made for bold and confident women. The predatory layered look makes this hairstyle very original. It’s the perfect cut for mature women and those looking for styles between short cuts and shoulder-length hair. The pixie bob is ideal for slimming your face and adding volume to your hair. If you have slightly thicker hair and want to give your hairstyle a lighter note, this is the perfect haircut for you

Long bob – a longer variation of the classic bob

Those who are looking for a feminine hairstyle to freshen up their look will certainly appreciate the sleek look of the long bob. The long bob is a variation of the classic bob, which dates back to the 1920s. Even after all these years, this hairstyle is still very much in fashion. The front of the bob is slightly longer and reaches to the shoulders or slightly past the shoulders. The back of the bob is cut slightly shorter for added volume. The long bob is suitable for everyone because the length and sharpness of the haircut bring out the facial features. The layered long bob works well for women with thicker hair.

Charming Bob with Fringes

Bobs with bangs can give your hairstyle a new lease of life. This is a very girly hairstyle for women who like their haircut light and do not want to give up on their bangs. You may opt for asymmetric bangs to one side or straight bangs down to your eyebrows. The modern bob with bangs also comes in very interesting layered or shoulder-length versions. This hairstyle is very practical. A small amount of styling mousse is all that is needed to create the perfect look and feel.

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