Evening makeup – how to do it?

Evening makeup – how to do it?

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Evening make-up has its own rules. You may go wild with colors and try out magnetic eyelashes. Be sure to check how to do it properly!

Rules for applying evening make-up

For a perfect make-up, we must remember about several rules:

  • the right choice of foundation – in artificial light all imperfections and shortcomings are visible, a properly chosen foundation should blend with your skin tone. It is best to apply it with a sponge or your fingers
  • mattifying powder – if you have oily or combination skin, it is necessary to use a mattifying powder – a shiny complexion does not look aesthetic
  • blush or highlighter on cheekbones and the back of the nose – using a highlighter on cheekbones will make them more visible and your makeup will look fresh
  • accentuate your lips or eyes – choose one strong accent to avoid a theatrical look.

Perfectly accentuated lips

Use a lip liner and lipstick in the same shade. In the evening, go wild and apply an intense red lipstick or a gloss with shimmering particles. Contour your lips before applying it to even out their shape. Highlight the red line on your lips and use a pencil lip liner to go slightly beyond it. This will make your lips look bigger and sexy. After contouring, fill in your lips with lipstick or gloss. A great idea is ombre style lip makeup. Apply a solid lipstick to the outside of your lips and a gloss or lipstick a tone lighter in the center. Using a lip brush, gently pat and blend the two products together to blur the line between the two colors. To make your lipstick last longer, exfoliate your lips and apply a primer or setting powder before applying your makeup.

Strong Eye Makeup

If you opt for a stronger eye makeup, then your lipstick or gloss should be less visible. Choose a soft shade of pink or red.

If you have expressive eyes, try lightly shimmering or darker eye shadows for a deeper look. Combinations of warm brown with gold or cornflower with shadows with a metallic finish will work well. Don’t be afraid of intense eye shadows – use a light color in the corners of your eyes and a darker one on the outside. Use a contrasting colored pencil on the lower lid to emphasize your eyes. Trendy are pink and blue shades, which brighten the eyes.

To increase the volume of your eyelashes optically, you may try adding magnetic eyelashes or drawing a line with eyeliner. It should be applied on the lash line so that it is not visible, but only emphasizes and thickens them. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler heated slightly by a hair dryer. Blow out your lower lashes as well.

In your evening makeup it is also important to emphasize your eyebrows. First, make sure your eyebrows are properly aligned and then brush them with an eyelash brush and a little wax. You can also use the brush from your old mascara. Just clean it of any product residue so it’s usable and won’t clump your brows together. For a more natural effect, highlight your eyebrows with a shadow rather than a pencil

Main photo: Gabb Tapique/pexels.com

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