Jeanne Damas – what did women love her style for?

Jeanne Damas – what did women love her style for?

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Jeanne Damas is one of the most popular French women today. She has a style and class to match. What is Damas’ style like and what fashion tricks from her closet can you incorporate into your own?

Jeanne Damas’ style

Jeanne Damas is a blogger, writer and model. But her main passion is designing clothes. She created the La Redoute collection, Nathalie Dumeix o Reformation. She created the Rouje brand from scratch, which is one of the most sought-after brands in the world.

The clothes she creates are characterized by simplicity and natural materials. She loves to combine textures and interesting patterns: spots, leopard print and delicate floral patterns. She is not afraid of simple cuts and solutions that will make you feel feminine and light in her clothes. She loves sweaters because, as she says, she is lazy and loves comfort. She moves by bike every day, so her clothes combine casualness with femininity.

She often combines grace and delicacy in her clothing designs. She is also great at playing with patterns. Her short sweaters go perfectly with high-waisted jeans. Rouje’s style is a combination of modernity and retro elements. Big buttons, crisp lines and simple cuts will fit perfectly into the urban, laid-back style of incorrigible romantics.

These can be clothes for years to come, because in addition to simple solutions, Damas also appreciates good quality materials. She doesn’t stop at cheap polyester – her sweaters are made of good quality wool, so you’ll buy clothes for years, not for one season. Damas knows very well that retro style is still in fashion. Elegant frills and subdued shirts and simple T-shirts are a unique fashion basic. It is suitable for every closet, which is why calm colors – beige, white and pastels – can also be found among the feminine and slightly predatory patterns.

The coat as the basis of a look

Jeanne Damas loves a natural yet elegant look. She completes her look with a timeless overcoat. The classic, strong accents in her closet give her a unique look and a style that cannot be copied. The long coat slims her figure, but also gives her a graceful and mysterious look.

Comfort first

Among the airy dresses, Damas also hides timeless denim in her closet. High-rise jeans worn with leather boots are complemented with an oversized printed sweatshirt. It is sporty, but at the same time comfortable and very feminine. The Frenchwoman is not afraid to combine jewelry with looser styles, thus showing that feminine trinkets do not have to be worn only with elegant evening dresses.

The emyser and the great comeback of the 70’s

The famous French blogger has also fallen in love with the 70’s style. Big buttoned suits, short skirts, flat shoes and leather boots. To break up the style, she also wears a emery dress, which is a great complement to this retro look.

Looking like Jeanne Damas

To look like the famous French blogger, you don’t have to sell off your entire closet. Invest in a few pairs of good quality jeans and a classic wool coat. Combined with leather boots and a small shoulder bag, you will look elegant. This minimalism will ensure that every time you look in your closet, you will know exactly what to wear.

To complete the simple style, you can also stock up on some white shirts or simple T-shirts. They will look very feminine, especially if you wear them with tailored pants and a button-down jacket. This style will definitely improve your self-esteem and become sexier and more feminine.

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