What should I not do during my period?

What should I not do during my period?

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The time of monthly bleeding does not limit us as much nowadays as it used to do for our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Tampons and modern sanitary towels or menstrual cups make menstruation less of a problem

However, there are activities you should not do during your period. Check what you should not do during your period.

Having sex

Sex during menstruation can help us to get rid of unpleasant cramps and also reduces headaches, which are common during quite heavy bleeding. However, it is important to remember that during your period, the vaginal wall and the cervix are highly dilated. Making love during your period can expose you to infection as well as mild discomfort

You can avoid this risk by using an extra protection in the form of a condom with your partner. Be sure to wash up after intercourse, which will keep you comfortable. Whether sex during menstruation is enjoyable is up to you and your partner, so it’s a good idea to talk about this possibility and how to reduce discomfort beforehand.

Practicing extreme sports

With tampons and menstrual cups, playing sports during your period is no problem at all. Many women enjoy going to the gym regardless of the day of their cycle

However, it should be remembered that with a heavy period you lose valuable minerals and electrolytes much faster, and above all you may feel weak. Therefore, extreme sports that require a huge effort are not advisable. The increased intensity of exercise can significantly increase bleeding and make lower abdominal pain unbearable. Slow jogging or dancing should replace very extreme forms of exercise

Hot baths

A warm bath among bubbles is a wonderful vision to end the day, especially if you are additionally struggling with your period. Unfortunately, too much water temperature can do more harm than good. Hot baths increase bleeding, so opt for a quick shower instead of lounging in the water. The heat can help relax your muscles so that the cramps are not as intense. Instead of taking a warm bath, use a heating pad that you can heat up in the microwave.

Eating hard to digest foods

You may feel slightly swollen or even sore during your period. Menstruation also has a negative effect on your digestive system, so eating heavy foods can make you feel much worse. Instead of fried foods, choose light cream soups, salads or steamed meat. Lighter meals and drinking mineral water will definitely help you get rid of excess water in your body.

Massage and some aesthetic treatments

You cannot undergo aesthetic medicine treatments during your period. This is mainly about injection lipolysis or vacuum massage. Other massages, including therapeutic ones, are also not advisable during this time. They can increase bleeding and make menstrual pain significantly increased

Use of saunas and tanning beds

You should not use saunas or tanning beds during your period. Sauna puts a lot of strain on the bloodstream, increasing bleeding, so you should leave this way of relaxation for after your menstruation is over. Solarium also involves heating up the body, so when you have your period, it is advisable to skip the visit and postpone it until after your period

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