How to choose good trekking shoes?

How to choose good trekking shoes?

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Trekking shoes are a must for every hiker and mountain climber. Even if you do not plan to climb the highest peaks, the right footwear is essential for your safety and comfort on the trail. Anyone who has gone on a mountain trip, even just to the Morskie Oko Lake, knows that in ordinary sneakers it is very easy to twist an ankle or get serious abrasions and blisters. We suggest how to choose the first trekking shoes.

Think about the use of your shoes

There are no universal trekking shoes that will work for both walking on a rocky trail and climbing. Each type of ground, season, type of mountain, and type of hiking requires a different type of shoe. Depending on whether you are going to the Tatra Mountains, the Bieszczady Mountains or the Himalayas, you need to choose a different type of sole and a different boot height.

The weather and the time of year you go on your adventure is also important. In winter, your footwear needs to be insulated, extend past the ankle, have a non-slip sole, and have a waterproof coating so they don’t get wet from snow and mud. Frequency of use is also an important aspect when choosing such shoes. If you love hiking in the mountains and have the ability to do so, the model you choose must be durable and made of top quality materials. However, if you go on a mountain vacation once or twice a year and want to summit Giewont there, the shoes don’t have to be top-notch because they won’t wear out as quickly

High or low upper?

Despite appearances, this is not just a matter of aesthetics. The height of the upper of outdoor shoes can affect your health, condition of tendons, muscles and joints

For high mountain trails and climbing, the only right choice are ankle boots. They provide stabilization for the foot and the whole leg. They protect the ankle, ankle joint, Achilles tendon and prevent many serious injuries. Palladium boots are a fantastic example of a tall and sturdy boot, perfect for the demanding trail. Low boots provide more mobility and often seem more comfortable by not blocking movement at the ankle. They are well suited for trails that are not too steep and fairly level. Hiking in the Bieszczady Mountains in low trekking shoes will be easy and safe, but for longer and more demanding routes bet on more stable footwear

What is the best shoe material?

Trekking boots are made of different kinds of materials, both natural and synthetic. The most popular materials are grain leather, suede, nubuck and synthetics. Shoes made of natural leather are usually heavier, but they adapt perfectly to the foot thanks to their plasticity and flexibility. They are also more durable than other materials and perform better in difficult conditions, including weather. They warm the feet best in winter and protect from moisture and snow

However, you need to take proper care of them so that the leather does not lose its properties. To increase their waterproofness and at the same time take care of the leather’s elasticity and moisture, you should regularly lubricate the shoes with impregnating wax. Synthetic materials also have their advantages, they dry much faster in case of rain, they are lighter, and in warm months they heat the feet less, making them more comfortable for summer hiking

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