How to choose a swimsuit to fit your figure?

How to choose a swimsuit to fit your figure?

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The summer season is in full swing! You still have time to choose the perfect swimsuit. No one is perfect, that’s why we will help you choose a swimsuit to suit your figure.

One-piece swimwear – perfect for the swim

One-piece swimsuits are suitable for the swimming pool because they are comfortable while swimming. It is also recommended for aqua aerobics. Many ladies prefer one-piece swimsuits because they cover a bit of the body and can slim us down perfectly. If you are facing a protruding tummy, but have a beautifully defined waist, a swimsuit that is slimming yet sexy will be perfect. Such models have cutouts on the sides and a covered center. Thanks to such a design, the swimsuit emphasizes the feminine curves wonderfully. You may also choose the classic style of the swimsuit – cut-out panties will slim your legs, and underwire in the upper part will emphasize your breasts. They will work well for slightly larger “curves” – Swimsuit without a separate bra will be suitable only for small breasts. These look equally beautiful with the swimsuit tied at the neck and with triangle bra, without underwire and stiffening.

Spanish style swimsuit – hit of this summer

Both in dresses and swimsuits Spanish neckline works perfectly and is very fashionable – it beautifully exposes shoulders and makes proportions of the figure even. For women with pear shape Spanish swimsuit is a perfect choice! Uncovered shoulders and a wide neckline make the bottom optically smaller and the whole body takes the shape of a fetching hourglass figure. The swimsuit adds sex appeal and allows you to tan your shoulders evenly, without unsightly white marks from bra straps

A two-piece swimsuit for every woman

It’s common knowledge that the popular bikini is reserved only for slim women. This is not true! If you have a nice waistline and aren’t shy about showing off your stomach, a two-piece swimsuit will be perfect for you! Ladies who have slightly wider hips or a protruding belly can buy a high-waisted swimsuit. It is very elegant, and at the same time higher underwear will hide some of your beauty flaws. With a large bust, it is very important to choose the right top for the swimsuit. Avoid push-up type cups. A better choice will be a soft cup, but with underwire lifting the breasts

With slightly more ample hips but long legs, a swimsuit with shorts is recommended. It will cover up the waist area a bit and at the same time make the buttocks appear rounder and slimmer.

Women’s swimwear – with or without a pattern?

Many swimsuits are made with slightly younger people in mind. They often have interesting geometric patterns. However, not every lady can afford this kind of decoration. If you have a rounder figure, go for a swimsuit without patterns or with an elongated pattern to make you look slimmer. In one-piece swimsuits for women with a pear-shaped figure, a patterned top contrasted with a plain bottom is recommended

It is worth choosing a women’s swimsuit with regard to our figure, but also the quality of workmanship. After wearing it can not show through, it should also have additional material sewn on the inside of the panties.

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