8 mistakes most often made in a relationship by women

8 mistakes most often made in a relationship by women

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In a relationship, you need to know how to forgive. However, you also need to know certain boundaries that are better not to cross. Find out what is better not to do in a relationship with a man, as well as how not to act towards yourself!

Overstated expectations

Most often such a mistake is made by women who are in love up to their ears, who can become so fascinated by the object of their feelings that they do not see any vices in him and endow him with qualities that he does not have at all. It is known that later comes a painful disappointment. Avoid this by savoring the feeling without going to extremes.

Looking ahead

This mistake is strongly related to the previous one. It happens that a woman sees in a man at the very first meeting a potential husband and father of her future children. Meanwhile, it is known that if a woman likes a man, he will want to appear as good as possible in her eyes. To really get to know a man, you need not a month and not two, but at least… two years. Two years spent observing your partner, his words, behavior and actions. If both partners manage to remain committed during this time, then you can talk about a serious relationship.

Change of partner

Sometimes you see a vice in a man and are sure you can change it. You lie to yourself. If there is no desire to change in him yourself, you will not change him, on the contrary – you will get on his nerves.

Merging with a man 

A very common mistake, with which a woman treats a man as property and does not separate her life from that of the man. This is how resentment is born: each begins to pull the quilt in his own direction and is not ready to renounce his life, his interests or habits. Each partner in a relationship remains a separate individual, and his boundaries cannot be violated. Otherwise, jealousy, feelings of hurt and the desire to manipulate and exert control are born.

“This is how you are supposed to love me!”

A woman can, of course, hint to a man how she would like to be loved, but it is unlikely that the man will listen. After all, everyone loves in his own way, just as everyone understands the word “love” in his own way.


Men are a “simple species” and may not understand allusions, so it is better to speak directly about your wishes and desires. 

Harboring resentment or dissatisfaction

Women are highly sensitive, so they can sense that they have hurt someone. Men, as a rule, are not endowed with such sensitivity and cannot always see that someone is hurting because of them. Therefore, proceed as in the previous point – the coffee table.

Thinking for the man

Well, yes, some of us like to think for others, including men. However, if doubts arise, it is better to ask a man directly what he thinks about a given topic, rather than trying to guess what is on his mind.

These are just a small part of the mistakes most often made in a relationship by women. But the good news is that they can be worked on. It’s even better if you understand yourself before getting involved with a man. Then you will avoid the vast majority of mistakes.

main photo: unsplash.com/Candice Picard

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