Wondering how to arrange a terrace? Here is a review of the most interesting trends

Wondering how to arrange a terrace? Here is a review of the most interesting trends

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It is the terrace, more than anything else, that reflects the art of making one’s life better, the ability to take pleasure in work and leisure, to enjoy every weather and every day of the week. There are no bad days, only a badly decorated terrace.

Open terrace without fence

The simplest type of terrace is one that is an extension of the house. Its surface can be made of wood, stone or tiles.

If you opt for natural wood, be prepared for frequent repairs and maintenance. The harder the wood, the more resistant it is to the vagaries of weather and temperature changes. It is advisable to clean the wooden surface annually with a brush and cleaning solution, polish it and apply a special impregnation.

The minimalist architecture of an open terrace forces a modern style of arrangement. Glass and concrete elements, solid furniture made of natural wood and naturally coloured fabrics are ideal here.

Open terrace with fence

A wooden terrace with a railing is an indispensable element of a classic summer house. When decorating it, special attention should be paid to the surface. One of the most popular materials for finishing the floor on a terrace are composite boards. Wood composite decking boards look nice and modern, are comfortable to use, resistant to moisture and temperature changes, do not rot and do not require maintenance work.

Soft rugs, sun glare on a lightly worn-out floor, cloverleafs and a rocking chair are all attributes of a simple, unobtrusive and cozy rustic style that will be the best choice for an open terrace enclosed by a railing. In the evenings, a standing lamp resembling a street lamp looks very impressive on such a terrace.

Covered terrace

One of the most important elements of a terrace is the roof. If you do not want to build a permanent roof, you can install a cover on your terrace. There are awnings and garden sails available on the market which, apart from providing effective protection from rain and sun, can also be an interesting decorative element. However, pergolas with a retractable roof will look more impressive and stable. The most popular are wooden pergolas, however those with metal, fabric or glass roofs are becoming more and more fashionable.

A rocking bench, a soft sofa to relax and read, or even a round dinner table accompanied by classic Viennese chairs will fit in perfectly with the design of covered terraces.

Glazed terrace

Do you want to enjoy the view of nature in maximum comfort? Opt for a glazed terrace that provides complete protection from the weather and at the same time gives you the widest possible view.

A glazed terrace gives you great arrangement possibilities and space for creativity. The first thought that comes to mind is arranging a dining room connected with a living room in such a space. An excellent idea is to add an open space to the closed terrace, where you can arrange a barbecue area and a summer kitchen.

Roof terrace

Its design often resembles a miniature orchard. On the roof you can establish a lawn and fruit orchard, grow herbs and spices. The roof intended for a terrace must meet three basic conditions: first, it must have an appropriate slope, second – to be airtight and warm, third – it should be equipped with waterproofing systems and drainage of rainwater and snowmelt.

The surface can be made of any material – wood, stone, tiles – or even lined with natural grass.

The style in which the roof terrace is decorated should reflect the eco-concept of the structure. So opt for natural materials and colors and minimalist decorations. You can also pitch a tent on such a terrace or arrange a veranda with a portable retractable roof.

Terrace around the house

A traditional element of mountain style houses and houses on stilts. Such a terrace wraps around the house like a deck of a ship and gives a special character to the architecture.

In addition, the space obtained in this way is always practical. You can organize a summer kitchen and put a grill there, organize a dining room, hang a hammock or arrange a play area for children, hang a swing or organize a sports zone. This type of development combines the advantages of a traditional open terrace, a pavilion, an outdoor kitchen and a covered veranda.

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