Are you dreaming of beautiful and smooth hair? Check out what oiling your hair is all about

Are you dreaming of beautiful and smooth hair? Check out what oiling your hair is all about

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Hair geeks have fallen in love with oiling their hair. It’s a perfect and simple hair care method that won’t cost you much effort but will give you great results. How to use hair oil and which oils to use for beautiful and shiny hair?

What is oiling my hair?

Oiling involves applying oils with restorative and nourishing properties to the entire surface of the hair. This makes the hair much smoother and easier to comb.

Before oiling your hair, you need to wash all the dirt off your hair, including sebum. Use a deep cleansing shampoo. It is also important to remove all silicones, as well as paraffin and films covering the hair that are left on the hair after other hair care treatments. Wash your hair twice and then apply a gentle leave-in conditioner.

There are two methods of oiling hair – dry and wet.

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Dry Oiling

Apply oil to dry hair. Be sure to comb your hair beforehand and divide it into small strands. This allows the oil to reach individual strands and better nourish them. Slightly heated oils work best, e.g. in your hands or in a spoon placed over hot water. After you have applied the oil to your entire hair, wrap your head in a shower cap or a towel.

The heat will make the active ingredients penetrate your hair faster. You can leave the oil on overnight or for a few hours. Then wash your hair with a mild shampoo and use a conditioner. After dry oiling, do not blow dry your hair with a hot stream of air. Allow them to dry freely.

Wet oiling

In this case, apply the oil to damp hair. After shampooing, gently squeeze out the water with a towel and apply the oil in the same way as the dry method. Wait about 2-3 hours and then rinse the oil with lukewarm water without using a shampoo. Finally, use a gentle conditioner.

The wet oiling method allows the oil to penetrate the hair’s structure more deeply. This method is suitable for highly porous, dry and damaged hair.

Both wet and dry oiling will produce the first visible results after about 3 months of regular use.

What should I consider when oiling my hair?

No matter which oiling method you choose, remember to:

  • warm and distribute the oil in your hands before applying it to your hair,
  • comb through hair before and after oiling,
  • distribute the oil throughout your hair, especially the ends (with dry scalp you can also rub it in at the roots),
  • after oiling, wrap your hair in a towel or make a light braid,
  • oil your hair regularly, once or twice a week.

What oil to choose for hair oiling?

To choose the right oil for this treatment, take into account the porosity of the hair, the amount of sebum secretion and previous styling treatments that were applied to the hair.

Choose cold-pressed oil, rich in vitamins, EFAs and phytosterols. It should have essential saturated fatty acids and be organic.

The best choices are jojoba oil, which helps with dandruff problems, coconut oil, which nourishes and regenerates dry and damaged hair, or castor oil, which counteracts hair loss.

What Are the Benefits of Oiling My Hair?

By using oil, your hair will become less brittle, shinier and much easier to comb. Your hair will be strengthened and more resistant to external factors such as UV rays, wind and moisture. The hair will be less prone to fly-away and easier to style with a flat iron.

The oils rebuild the hair structure and make it much smoother and noticeably shinier. The problem of dry and split ends also disappears as oils protect against protein loss. Oiling makes your hair easier to style.

Photo: Masha Raymers/Pexels

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