How to arrange a teenager’s room?

How to arrange a teenager’s room?

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For teenagers’ rooms, there are plenty of ways to arrange them, even if the room we are going to work with is not very big. Most teens prefer a modern look, which works very well in smaller spaces, as minimalism and simplicity are preferred these days. However, if your son or your daughter likes a more traditional or eclectic look, there is no problem at all to incorporate this style as well.

The trick to getting the most out of a room (especially smaller rooms) is to keep things in proportion. If your teen loves curvy lines, irregularity and coziness, let them have a canopy bed frame, but keep other furniture clean and simple. Choose softer colors and smaller prints to balance out the amount of frills.

If your teen loves modernity, let them use bolder colors and patterns to liven up clean, simple contemporary styles. There’s nothing wrong with breaking up the simplicity. Be sure to check out Forte Youth Furniture, offered by the aforementioned retailer will definitely help create unique arrangements.

Choose furniture that serves a double function

Furniture that can function in more than one way is very useful in bedrooms. This is because it is better to spend time in spacious rooms. If your teen has a TV in their room, hang it on the wall instead of placing it on a dresser or stand. If your teen has a lot of clothes, she can do without a dresser and/or closet. Store seasonal clothing in storage under the bed and use wall shelves instead of stand-alone bookcases.

Sofa and recliners often work well in teenagers’ rooms. Most likely, a young person will not conscientiously fold clothes into cubes and put them in the closet each day. Therefore, in addition to the bed, it is worth providing the teenager with an additional place to sit, rest, etc.

Forte dressers, for example, which come in many designs, fulfill two tasks – they are functional and stylish.

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Use bold colors with caution

As we mentioned earlier, it is worth breaking the simplicity with small, more eccentric accessories. Most teenagers prefer bold colors, and there’s no reason why you can’t accept his love of color, even in a small space. However, too many sharp colors can seem overwhelming in a bedroom. Try a standout color on an accent wall and judiciously match other colors and accessories throughout the room.

The floor is a good place to add color. A dark carpet can help “ground” the bedroom. Try an undersized rug in a pattern – simple geometric shapes or zebra – to add some texture to your teen’s bedroom. Of course, don’t forget about the fifth wall! Adding a pattern or mural on the ceiling can create a surprising element in the room and give your teen something original to look at before he drifts off into the arms of Morpheus.

Desk – is it a necessity?

Most teenagers think that a desk is mandatory, but it may be that this element will be one of the contributors to the chaos in the room. Many teenagers prefer to study on the bed or on the floor (and there is nothing wrong with that), so a massive desk may be unnecessary. A small sliding computer desk that can act as a bedside table may do the job, or you may find that your teen won’t need it either.


Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you have to choose a simple bed. However, headboards can make a piece of furniture take up more space than usual, so consider using a wall-mounted headboard – or none at all. Platform beds often work well in bedrooms, as do raised beds, which among other things store bedding or clothes in them when the season changes.

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