What to buy a child for his one year birthday?

What to buy a child for his one year birthday?

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What to gift a child for his first birthday? What will he really like, and what will turn out to be a waste of money spent? Ahead of you is a list of possible gifts – for every taste and every budget!

Small car

To a one-year-old child, you can give a toy car, which you need to get on and push off with your feet. At first, the child will need a little help, but soon he will begin to manage on his own. The ride-on – as it is expertly called – develops the sense of balance and motor skills.

Construction blocks

Using large blocks – perfect for little hands – your little one can build anything his heart desires. At first, your child will learn to connect the pieces, and over time to build and arrange according to his own imagination. Playing with blocks develops eye-hand coordination, and is also a fantastic tool for developing imagination.

Ball fountain

A cheerful elephant that runs on batteries. The toy throws out colorful balls, which return back to the center of the elephant through a special slide. The child sets the balls in motion, and the elephant cheerfully tosses them.

Contour puzzle

Wooden puzzles with animal figures, thanks to which the toddler will not only start the adventure of stacking, but will also learn animals. Puzzles are pleasant to the touch, and animals – friendly in appearance.

Wooden walker

Walkers with a handle will help the child take his first steps and prove to be an excellent agility toy. The product can be equipped with abacuses in the form of balls, as well as friendly animal figures. The construction is completely wooden except for the rubberized balls, which protect the toddler from falling and the floor from scratching.

Musical book

A book that plays and sings songs is a perfect gift for a one-year-old child, whether boy or girl. The plastic book with buttons and colorful characters will occupy the child’s attention for hours. And although many parents are against musical gifts, such a book is sure to give pleasure to a young child.


A soft doll that can laugh and cry, open and close its eyes, say “mommy” and “daddy” is a perfect gift for a year-old.

Sensory balls

A set of glowing balls of different sizes, colors and textures. This is an ideal tool for learning colors, developing the sense of touch and small motor skills. Besides, nothing prevents you from using them according to their direct purpose – as balls.

Train with animals

The toy consists of a locomotive and wooden animal figures, which can also be played with separately. The figures can be taken out and arranged freely in the wagons. The toy teaches the names and sounds of animals, develops small motor skills and promotes sensory development.

Manipulative board

A surprisingly simple toy that encourages the toddler to think creatively. There are many elements on the board, starting with a zipper and abacus and ending with a key-opening lock. Playing with the board develops small motor skills, increases motor skills and manual skills. Some of the puzzles will cause the child considerable difficulty, absorbing his attention for hours.

main photo: unsplash.com/Nathan Dumlao

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