Stylish accessories to transform your balcony

Stylish accessories to transform your balcony

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With an interesting arrangement of the balcony we can get additional space to spend time in the warm days. What accessories will allow you to enjoy a tastefully arranged balcony?

The summer months are the perfect time to give your balcony a facelift. After work it will be much nicer to relax in the open air, rather than surrounded by four walls. With a little effort and resources, even a small balcony can be transformed into an oasis of rest and relaxation. Here are some simple balcony design ideas.

Balcony furniture

We often don’t use our balcony because we don’t have good quality balcony furniture. So, we should determine how we will spend our time on the balcony and choose the right outdoor furniture for it.

If the balcony is to be used as a dining room, it is advisable to opt for a comfortable chair + table set. It will take up most of the space, but will provide a comfortable space for eating breakfast or for an evening party. Want to introduce a restful element to the balcony, you can bet on a hammock. A boho style hammock is an absolute interior hit. It will decorate the balcony, allow us to take a nap in the fresh air. If necessary, we will take it off and hide in literally a few moments

Textiles for balcony

Textiles give character to any interior. They complement and warm up the space. With their help we can tastefully arrange the balcony. Outdoor furniture can be covered with bedspreads and blankets, and the whole complemented with pillows in your favorite patterns and colors. With the help of colors, textures and patterns of materials, we can arrange the balcony in any style – boho, vintage, Scandinavian and even glamour.

Looking for suitable textiles for the balcony, let’s choose those dedicated to the outdoors. DIY stores and home furnishing stores offer a wide range of cushions, throws and curtains that are perfect for balconies. Curtains are a great way to provide privacy. Mounting a curtain rod in an alcove and hanging non-transparent curtains on it will separate you from your neighbors. Curtains will make your balcony cozier

Balcony lighting

Undoubtedly, lighting is a factor that changes the character of the space. The choice of lighting for the balcony is very wide and adapted to our technical possibilities. If we have electricity on the balcony, we can afford a string of lights connected to the contact. Such garlands of light are available in different colors and shapes. With their help we can create a ceiling or wall illumination.

Balconies without access to electricity can be arranged thanks to battery lights such as the popular cotton balls. A stylish solution for balconies are also lanterns and lanterns. Their choice is very wide, so you can find lanterns matching the style of each balcony. From industrial, through retro style to wooden. Placing candles inside them, we will create a romantic, intimate atmosphere. Such decoration – even unlit – will be a beautiful complement to the balcony.

Caskets and flowerpots

Live plants create an atmosphere on the balcony. Both the flowering and green trees or creepers require a nice package. Wooden boxes, natural baskets, ceramic protective covers and pots are perfect for this role. Changing the plant covers may seem insignificant, but in fact will completely change the look of your balcony. A rustic balcony should be finished with wood, straw, rattan and raw clay. The space in the glamour style will be perfectly filled with gold, silver and black pots.

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