Rainbow Diffraction Glasses are a hit with Kids!

Rainbow Diffraction Glasses are a hit with Kids!

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Rainbow glasses aren’t just for adults; kids of all ages can enjoy the visual effect of these spectacular diffraction glasses as well! Read on to find out why rainbow glasses are so popular with kids, as well as tips on how to choose the best rainbow glasses for kids.

What Are Rainbow Diffraction Glasses?

Diffraction is the physical process in which a wave passes through an opening and splits into two waves, both having the same wavelength. Rainbow Diffractions Glasses use this principle to produce intense rainbows for children to enjoy. The most important component of these glasses is that they do not need direct sunlight in order to work. In fact, indirect light will produce rainbows on a cloudy day too. We encourage you to read the reviews from parents who purchased these glasses for their kids. These glasses offer an exciting experience for kids, encouraging them to experiment and explore colour and light. Many reviewers mentioned how their children spent hours outside exploring different colours and taking photos as well as talking about what they saw or did during their time wearing the glasses. You can find many examples of young explorers below

Are They Good For Kids?

There are plenty of coloured diffraction glasses out there but what makes these so special is that they’re specifically designed for children. They come in an assortment of colours and the frames are made to be comfortable on the face. Kids love putting them on and watching how they mix up the world around them, seeing different colours and shapes that they would otherwise miss. Plus, since they’re made for kids, it’s no problem if little fingers or toes get in the way when handling them. The downside to these amazing rainbow lenses is that adults can’t see through them either which means you’ll have to watch your kids have all the fun.

There’s really nothing not to like about these colourful lenses for children. 

How Do They Work?

These glasses work by taking advantage of the way light behaves differently when it enters and exits different materials, such as lenses. As light moves through one lens, it bends. When the light hits the second lens and leaves at an angle different from how it entered, it creates rainbows on the surface in front of you. The angles of both lenses need to be carefully adjusted so that all colours can be seen on the surface at once. If you want your rainbow images to last for long periods of time, wear the glasses for no more than 30 minutes per day. You should also avoid shining direct sunlight into your eyes while wearing these glasses because that can potentially cause eye damage.

Why Should You Get Them?

Kids love rainbow colours and they’ll be excited to see rainbows everywhere. They’ll be able to use them for experiments too. The colours will help their eyes adjust to different light levels, which is great for anyone who spends a lot of time on computers or in classrooms. Plus, these glasses will protect their eyes from UV radiation. And if you’ve ever gone into the sun without sunglasses before, you know how important that can be. 

*Did you know?* One study found that children tend to develop eye strain more quickly than adults because they spend so much time indoors. So give them some specs that won’t only make their day brighter – but keep their eyes healthier as well!

main photo: pexels.com/cottonbro

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