Elegant Wedding Party Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Venue

Elegant Wedding Party Decor Ideas to Decorate Your Wedding Venue

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Wedding decor is one of the most important aspects of any wedding. By putting some thought into how you want to decorate, you can ensure that your wedding party decor plays a role in helping make your event one for the books! How you decorate your wedding venue can say a lot about the style of your wedding and even the people getting married! Here are 10 elegant ways to decorate your wedding venue in keeping with the mood of your wedding or the tastes of the soon-to-be husband and wife.

Hang Canvas Art

Finding elegant canvas art for your wedding venue doesn’t have to be a huge hassle and it. Go through your favourite artist’s portfolio and see if you can find some great pieces. If that doesn’t work, reach out to artists and ask them if they are interested in designing something special for your event. This approach is especially good if you have an idea of what type of wedding party decor you want but don’t know how or where to find it.

Add Soft Color with Floral Arrangements

Just because your wedding is a formal affair doesn’t mean that it has to feel stuffy. Floral arrangements can add soft colour and texture without being too showy and makes an elegant wedding decor. If you use flowers native to your region, they’ll be both beautiful and cost-effective. Give guests something they can take home as a favour and you’ll still have money left over for other decorative details.

Gold Dipped Frames

Give your venue a touch of class by adding gold-dipped frames. Instead of using plain, black or white frames, invest in gold-plated frames that fit with your wedding’s colour scheme. This will set apart your wedding decor and really shine when pictures are taken. Opt for thinner frames if you plan on hanging them on walls—they won’t take up as much space and still offer that rich look everyone will love.

Use Specialty Light Bulbs for Atmosphere

Most venues will have some kind of uplighting or specialty lighting as part of their package. This is usually a great way to add some extra ambiance and interest without having to worry about flowers, candles, or other decorations. Many venues charge an additional fee for these types of lights; make sure you ask about them when you’re pricing things out. You may find that a single accent light makes a huge difference for your decorating purposes.

Crystal Napkin Ring Holders

Napkin rings are easy to forget when you’re planning your wedding, but they can add a beautiful touch of sophistication that is an essential part of any table setting. Add just a few crystal napkin ring holders for something elegant, or choose smaller ones for a more casual feel. No matter what your event calls for, napkin rings are a great way to accentuate your design and make your tablescape look more polished.

Letters, Place Cards and Menu Cards

Creating a memorable menu for your wedding reception can be as easy as making them yourself. With just a little bit of imagination and forethought, you can create some amazing place cards, menus and other decorative stationery pieces that will both wow your guests and set your venue apart from others in your area. Create professional-looking place cards by taking small vases or glasses, spray painting them with gold or silver paint and filling them with either potpourri or sand before placing them on each table setting.

Fresh Flower Bouquets

If you’re looking for something classic and timeless, look no further than flowers. Bouquets aren’t limited just to brides—grooms can have them, too! In addition to giving your wedding a romantic, luxurious feel, flower bouquets are often placed on every table of your reception venue as centrepieces. This is a great way to tie everything together and also add splashes of colour throughout your space.

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main photo: unsplash.com/Jordan Arnold

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