How to protect your dog from fleas and ticks?

How to protect your dog from fleas and ticks?

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Spring is the time when ticks and other external parasites become a serious threat to our dogs. They transmit serious diseases, against which even vaccinations cannot protect our pets. As is often the case, prevention is better than cure and indeed, the best way to protect your dog from parasitic diseases is to effectively protect him from the parasites themselves. See how to do it.

Tick and flea collars

The most popular form of protection against external parasites, for years have been collars. These are special bands coated with insecticidal substances which protect your dog against parasites by repelling them with a strong smell or by killing those which find their way into the dog’s fur. This is a fairly effective and relatively inexpensive method. Tick collars provide protection for between three and even eight months, depending on the manufacturer. However, they do have their downsides. First, a very intense, for some, irritating odor that persists throughout the duration of the band. Secondly, the substances with which the collar is coated lose their properties when in contact with water, and also poison the water environment, making them not ecological, and a dog that has such a collar must not be bathed in it

Drops for coat

The second option, readily available at any pet store, are drops that you pour on the coat. They work similarly to the collar, but their effect lasts shorter. The application of the drops should be repeated every one to two months at most, depending on the manufacturer. While the drops are in effect, you should not bathe your dog or allow it to swim in water. As the drops need to be applied to the coat virtually every month, it is quite an expensive form of protection against external parasites

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Protective spray

Another agent with a similar effect is a spray that kills or immobilizes insects so that they cannot penetrate the skin and fall off the dog’s body. Such a spray, depending on the manufacturer, works from two to eight weeks, after which time the application should be repeated. The downside of the spray is the risk of inaccurate application, so in places where the product has not been sprayed, the dog will not be protected from ticks and other parasites. However, it is a more convenient and economical option if we need to bathe the dog in the near future

Antiparasitic tablets

The newest and most controversial form of protection against fleas, ticks and other external parasites, are deworming tablets. Their action is different than the measures presented so far. Tablets through the digestive system enter the bloodstream, where they persist for about three months. During this time, the skin and blood of the dog, become toxic to parasites and cause them paralysis or death, depending on the tablet the dog gets. Deworming medications are an effective form of protection against both internal and external parasites. Not all deworming tablets also provide protection against coat-inhabiting insects. When visiting the vet, ask the doctor about such tablets, certainly he will advise you well.

Protection against parasites is very important not only in spring and summer. Due to climate change, ticks and other dangerous insects are also active in winter. Do not underestimate this problem and save both you and your dog the stress of parasitic diseases. Provide your dog with effective protection against ticks and enjoy long walks in the forest, meadow or park together with him

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