Bed linen for the bedroom – which one to choose?

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Bedroom bedding is an essential piece of furniture that is also a great decoration. Check which bedding is best for your bedroom – the choice is huge

What types of bedding are there?

Our bedding can be made of cotton, satin cotton, flannel, satin or fabric with polyester or wool. Angora bedding is also very fashionable and healthy. Many people choose bedding from the so-called bark – this is cotton with an interesting structure, which has the advantage that we do not have to iron it and it can be washed at high temperature

How to choose bedding for the bedroom?

It’s a good idea to choose bedding to match the decor of our bedroom. Satin bed linen will look great in a glamour style bedroom. Satin bedding is a perfect match for a glamorous bedroom and also looks great on a bed with plush upholstery. Satin bedding is also perfect for a bed with a high headboard and for romantic bedrooms – navy blue or red bed linen works well in this case. Satin is as elegant as silk but much cheaper, that is why many people choose this option. Satin bedding needs to be ironed and washed at slightly lower temperatures

For a Scandinavian or Highland style bedroom, bedding made of angora is a great fit, as it is extremely warm and nice to the touch. It is also ideal for autumn and winter. If you do not like wool or you are allergic to it, there is still very soft and equally warm flannel bedding available. It looks nice on beds with straight legs and wooden frame. Flannel works perfectly in the children’s room, thanks to which our little one will not get cold in winter.

Cotton is very soft and can be washed in higher temperatures. It is versatile and also suitable for children. It is available in many color versions, thanks to which we are sure to match the appropriate set to our bedroom. Our cotton bed linen is perfect for both classic and modern bedrooms. It is also ideal for elegant bedrooms. It is also possible to choose it in the version with a touch of satin. This type of bedding is characterized by its extraordinary smoothness and a slight shine.

Which bedding colors to choose?

For a classic and very elegant bedroom, navy blue, burgundy, red and a shade of bottle green bedding will look beautiful. Bed linen in grey, timeless white and ecru color will suit Scandinavian style bedrooms. Children’s room is governed by its own rules, so our children will surely delight in bedding with their favourite cartoon heroes. Colorful children’s bedding made of soft cotton will make the little ones happy to go to their beds.

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