Illuminating foundation – how to use it to avoid the mask effect?

Illuminating foundation – how to use it to avoid the mask effect?

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An illuminating foundation is the perfect cosmetic when you want to keep your skin looking beautiful. It will also help to hide some signs of tiredness. In order for it to perform its function, you need to know how to use it.

Combine an illuminating foundation with a mattifying one

Many women, when buying a brightening foundation, think that it will be their only cosmetic for the brightening make-up. But it turns out that if you have combination or oily skin, an illuminating primer can accentuate even more shine. Remember, shiny skin is not the same as glowing skin. Highlighting foundations are meant to reduce the appearance of redness and refresh the skin to make it appear more rested.

Foundation should also cover skin imperfections, so a good option is to mix an illuminating foundation with a mattifying one. Both cosmetics should necessarily be in the same shade, so it is good to choose foundations of the same brand. You can mix them together on the top of your hand and then apply them with a makeup brush or sponge.

Apply foundation by lightly patting it on

Applying foundation is just as important as choosing the right product. It is a good idea to tap the product in lightly when you apply it, so that it stays on your skin longer and also covers imperfections better. Use a special sponge to blend the product in, making sure to moisten it slightly with water beforehand. This way the foundation will stay on your skin and not on the sponge. You can also apply it with your fingers and lightly tap it into your skin with your fingertips.

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Use highlighter carefully

Both a highlighting foundation and a loose highlighting cosmetic should be used carefully. Unfortunately, if your skin is oily and prone to shine, you should not use such cosmetics in large quantities. It is best to divide the face into zones, where the T-zone – nose, chin and forehead – will be covered with a mattifying foundation. On the cheekbones, you can apply a little bit of an illuminating foundation to give your skin a fresh look. Don’t apply too much, either, as this can have the opposite effect – too much of the shimmering pigment can look unnatural. Apply less product at first, and over time you can add more if it doesn’t cover all the skin on your face.

Choose an illuminating foundation with the right quality and shade

Many companies offer their illuminating cosmetics, but by their composition they can weigh down the skin, so not all of them are worth considering. A large amount of preservatives should be a warning for us to avoid poor quality cosmetics, which can lead to allergies or too much matte skin. Be sure to test the consistency of your foundation on a tester. It should be lightweight and spread well over the skin.

The shade of the product is another important issue that must not be forgotten. Choose an illuminating foundation in terms of color, just like a mattifying foundation. Before buying it, apply it on your jaw or neck, right at your jawline. This will help you see if its shade blends well with your skin tone. It should be invisible on your skin and shimmer slightly in the light. This will give you a natural effect and refresh your look. If you have black hair and dark eyes but fair skin, choose a foundation in a cool tone. Ladies with light hair and blue eyes look good with a light pink undertone. Reddened skin, on the other hand, will need the addition of a green pigment to perfectly cover broken capillaries or imperfections.

Where can I buy an illuminating foundation?

It will be available in many drugstore chains as well as online. Choose only products that have a clear and short composition. Ask for a tester to choose the perfect shade of foundation, and also ask for a sample if possible to try it out in daylight.

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