How to arrange the balcony in the spring?

How to arrange the balcony in the spring?

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Spring is a long-awaited time of the year. Longer days, the smell of flowers and ever-present greenery make us feel more energetic and willing to spend time outside. The beginning of spring is the perfect time to refresh the look of your terrace or balcony. In this article we have put together some inspiration for spring balcony decor

Plants and flowers

A spring balcony would be incomplete without flowers and plants. All sorts of vases and pots work well as a decorative element. It is also worth betting on the decoration in the form of a coniferous plant. On the balcony it can be a tuja or juniper. Some of the walls can be decorated with vines. If you like climbing plants, install a wooden trellis at one end of the balcony. Climbing plants will decorate your balcony and protect it from the sun’s hot rays

If your balcony isn’t too big but you still want to decorate it with as many plants as possible, you can opt for a vertical garden. To do this, buy special vertical vegetable gardens or plant stands. This solution saves a lot of space, while allowing you to plant a really large number of plants and flowers.

Choosing containers for flowers

If you decide to grow flowers on your balcony, first of all you need to buy the right containers. Ordinary pots work well on balconies with a windowsill on which you can place them. Several large pots can be placed directly on the floor or on low stands. Hanging pots will also be a good choice. You can choose them in the form of traditional pots or oblong boxes. There are two ways to hang them – from the outside or inside the balcony railings. When choosing hanging pots, make sure they have a tray to collect excess water

The best annual plants with beautiful flowers:

  • marigolds,
  • dahlias,
  • petunias,
  • nasturtiums,
  • marigolds, petunias, nasturtiums.


Lighting plays a huge role in the interior of any room. It is no different with a balcony. If you want a pleasant evening atmosphere, choose a soft light source. Popular lately are hanging garlands of light that beautifully illuminate the darkness. You can also opt for solar lights which also provide a small source of light. However, it is a good idea to have one strong lamp on your balcony to clean up the space after an evening sitting

Lanterns and candles

You can also decorate your balcony with candles or lanterns. Place large ones on the floor and small ones on a coffee table, shelves or windowsill.

Cabinet, table, chairs

Everyone likes to have their morning coffee in a pleasant place. For this reason, it’s worth investing in a balcony set consisting of a table and chairs. Depending on the space available, you can choose a complete outdoor seating set or a small table with two chairs. Beach chairs are also popular, where you can sit comfortably, low and relax. However, if your balcony is small, consider a solution such as a balustrade-hung table and folding garden chairs. It’s also a good idea to have a chest or cupboard on your balcony to easily store small items. Boxes can also be used as seating – just put cushions on them and you’re done!

Cozy fabrics

The spring sun can be tricky – it seems warm, but in fact it’s not so warm. That’s why you should have a few cozy blankets, fluffy pillows, and faux fur skins on your balcony. This way, you can enjoy relaxing outdoors no matter what the weather is like. Depending on the style of your balcony, choose blankets and rugs in shades of grey (for example, if you prefer a Scandinavian style) or colourful textiles if you prefer stronger shades. Balconies and terraces decorated in boho or rustic style also look great. Natural materials dominate there: jute (such as a jute rug), wood or wool

Photo by Collov Home Design/Unsplash

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