The closet of your dreams – see how to create it!

The closet of your dreams – see how to create it!

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Do you dream about your own, large closet, where you can fit all clothes, shoes and accessories? Wondering how to arrange an elegant and functional interior? Check out our tips!

Logistical issues

Before you start designing your closet, you need to think about the practical logistical aspects. Answer some basic questions. Will you be using the room solely for dressing, or also for makeup and hair? Do you intend to share the dressing room with your family or partner? Or do you want to design it just for you? Is there something specific, like a collection of stilettos or a treasure trove of handbags, that you’d like to show off? What do you want the room to look like?

If you like minimalist style interiors, opt for white cabinets and silver rods. Or maybe you prefer a sophisticated and luxurious glamour style? Then go for opulent pieces such as a velvet footstool or a crystal chandelier. When deciding on a color, consider the natural lighting and shape of the room. Light, neutral tones work well here. Or maybe you are designing a closet for a man? If so, choose dark colors.

Finally, think about the layout of the interior. The closet is the most important part of the room. Match it with other elements. Do not try to squeeze it into the rest of the furniture and accessories

Elegant and practical closet

If you decided at the beginning that your closet will be used for more than just storing clothes, you need to design it so that it fulfills its functions. Do you want to do your hair and makeup in it? Then think about an integrated dressing table. Also, remember to have enough electrical outlets. That way you won’t have a problem plugging in a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron. You can also hang a large mirror. It will come in handy, especially if you don’t have mirrored closet doors. Also, put up an ottoman or a comfortable chair for trying on shoes and arranging your clothes for the next day.

Maximize your space

Fitting a closet is a great way to maximize the available space. The rails should extend from one wall to the other. This allows you to include more storage solutions. Customize them to fit your needs. When choosing a storage space, think about how you like to store your things. If you hang most of your clothes on hangers, opt for a long rod. Or do you fold things and tuck them away in a dresser? Then choose drawers and shelves.

Remember to include space for shoes, jewelry, bathing suits, lingerie, handbags and other accessories. Smart, flexible and beautiful, these closet items are sure to please. They stand out for their modern design and careful workmanship. Many manufacturers offer finishes in different types of wood: walnut, oak, mahogany, birch and pine

Ergonomic lighting

Have you already planned your closet? Have you considered the necessary equipment? Now think about the lighting! It plays a very important role, especially if there is no window in the room. Try spot or mirror lighting in Hollywood style. If you want to create the right mood, opt for a soft LED strip or add interior spot lighting.


Display your jewelry while protecting it from dust. A glass case is perfect for this. Also think about stylish chain hooks. You can mount them on a closet door or a wall. This way you won’t have to worry about your jewelry getting tangled up.

Freestanding or built-in?

Custom made or freestanding? Custom closets are more expensive, but you can customize them to fit your needs and space. They allow you to increase storage capacity by an average of 30%, thus freeing up floor space. When designing furniture, try a combination of different pieces. However, you must remember that drawers cost more than shelves and drawers. If you have a limited budget, opt for shelves and boxes. Also, choose inexpensive, good quality materials. Pay attention to doors, handles and soft-closing hinges. You may be tempted to dedicate an entire room to clothes, but leave some free space, at least 4m2. This will help you avoid clutter

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva/Pexels

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