Want to enjoy beautiful and youthful skin? Find out what wrinkle ironing is all about

Want to enjoy beautiful and youthful skin? Find out what wrinkle ironing is all about

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A real hit among facial rejuvenation treatments is wrinkle “ironing”. If your skin has lost its firmness, be sure to check out the wrinkle iron treatment and why you should undergo it.

What is wrinkle iron?

Wrinkle iron is a device that allows you to significantly reduce wrinkles and increase skin regeneration. The treatment is a combination of lymphatic drainage, as well as relaxation and tension-relieving treatments. The same device can also help in body shaping and firming of different parts of the body.

Over time, facial skin wrinkles a lot. This happens because it stops producing elastin and collagen. Thus, the first wrinkles appear, the oval of the face decreases, and the complexion is much less radiant. A facial iron treatment can significantly help not only to firm the skin, but also to even out its tone.

How does a facial iron work?

This is a very modern and multitasking device, consisting of two heads – VacuElectro and VacuElectroColor. Thanks to them, the rejuvenation treatment is more effective. Apart from the vacuum massage, which makes the skin more elastic, there is also used the color therapy and TENS electrostimulation, which significantly strengthens the skin muscles, adding firmness to the skin. Vacuum head massage is extremely important because it allows for better nourishment and oxygenation of the skin. The increase in blood circulation makes it glow.

TENS electrostimulation performed with the anti-wrinkle iron strengthens facial muscles through rapid micropulsation stimulating the nerves. The lifting effect is visible after the first treatment.

Effects of the facial iron:

  • reduction of visible wrinkles,
  • skin regeneration,
  • lymphatic drainage.
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Ironing wrinkles at home

It is possible to perform a similar treatment at home, which also uses electrical charges and produces spectacular results. The ageLOC Galvanic Spa device also uses electrical charges. Similar charges repel each other and opposite charges attract. This small device allows you to simultaneously cleanse the skin of blackheads and effectively inject active ingredients into the skin for a firming effect. In the first phase of the treatment a gel with active ingredients is injected deep into the skin to reach its cells. The second phase makes the head emits a positive charge, which “attracts” to itself the gel, with the impurities associated with it.

Using galvanic current for this treatment makes it much easier to inject anti-aging ingredients into the skin. The gel necessary for the treatment has extracts of velvet and seaweed, among others, which nourish the skin, soothing irritation. Importantly, they dissolve impurities and bind them so that they can better escape from the skin pores in the second phase of the treatment.

Galvanic current is a current of constant intensity. In cosmetics, we can distinguish between anodic and cathodic galvanization, and each of them allows to obtain very satisfactory results. Galvanization is based on the flow of current of constant intensity through the skin tissues between two electrodes. It does not change directions or intensity, nor does it cause muscle contractions.

The effects of “ironing out” wrinkles with a device such as the ageLOC Galvanic SPA are visible after about 4 weeks of use:

  • improves skin tone,
  • smooths the skin and reduces imperfections,
  • diminishes even deep wrinkles,
  • reduces skin flabbiness,
  • improves microcirculation.

The treatment is pleasant and completely painless. Before the treatment you need to cleanse your face with a foam face wash. Then we apply a gel, which will be a conductor of electrical charges. In the first phase of the treatment, the device should be set to inject the gel deep into the skin, while the second phase is to switch to a positive charge, binding impurities. The head is moved smoothly across the face. It can also be used on the whole body, except for mucous membrane areas. The treatment takes about 10 minutes. After that time, turn off the device and wash your face to get rid of the gel with its associated impurities.

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