How do you prepare your child for a dog coming to live in the house?

How do you prepare your child for a dog coming to live in the house?

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The arrival of a new family member in the home can be a difficult situation for a child to understand. Often children are very excited about adopting a dog, but there are also times when they can be jealous, confused or afraid that the dog will take their place. How to prepare your child for the arrival of a new member of the family and how to teach them to handle the dog in a safe way? We suggest!

Let the child decide

If a dog is to appear in the house, make your child excited about it. Try to make it fun for him, for example, by letting him choose the bowls or the dog bed for the dog. Don’t exclude your child from decisions made around adoption. Although the choice of breed, size and predisposition of the dog should be yours as the primary caregiver, the color of the leash can be chosen by a five-year-old. You can find the entire pet kit at

Educate your child from an early age

Awareness of pet owners is very important and necessary, but unfortunately still at a very low level. That’s why it’s a good idea to educate children about pet care from the earliest possible age. When choosing dog food, which you can buy at, tell your child what it must be like, why it cannot contain grains and what the difference between animal products and meat is. If your child is older, you can even let him find the food himself after this explanation, but for this task he must at least be able to read

If you adopt an older dog, it’s likely that dry food will be too difficult for him to eat. Shelter and transition dogs often have very bad dentition which makes it difficult for them to eat hard crunches of dry food, it may even cause pain. Make sure you get a good quality food that they won’t have trouble eating. Wiejska Zagroda wet food is an excellent choice for adult dogs and senior dogs.

Teach your child about dog body language

Young children do not yet recognize the difference between a dog and a human. They interpret a dog’s behavior and the signals it sends as if it were a person. Unfortunately showing teeth, which in humans means smile, joy and affection, in dogs is a sign asking for distance, in later stages even a warning sign. If the child doesn’t know it, it can provoke dog’s aggression with its insistence, which will be dangerous for him. If this happens, both the child and the dog will become alienated from the dog. To avoid such interspecies misunderstandings, each interaction between the child and the dog should be under strict adult supervision. The uncoordinated movements of the child may cause the dog to fear hitting him and, consequently, anxiety aggression. Also, excessive pushiness of the junior in relation to the dog, which needs peace, rest and distance, can make the pet snap its teeth to warn the child, which frightens him, which may even result in trauma

Buying or adopting a dog for a child as a toy or tool to teach them responsibility. You, as the adult, are the guardian of the dog and take full responsibility for it. Allowing a child to play with a dog and not respecting the dog’s privacy and autonomy can end tragically and through no fault of the dog. Toys are for entertaining your child, a live animal is a member of the family

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