Styling ideas with a white shirt in the leading role

Styling ideas with a white shirt in the leading role

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A crystal white shirt made of organza, soft silk or linen makes any styling elegant and classy. We suggest what to wear different types of white shirt with and how to style it!

White oversize shirt

An oversized white shirt is ideal for warm weather. Combined with frayed pants and sneakers, it creates a casual set – just in time for a city or cinema outing. Want more elegance? Instead of sneakers, slip on a pair of pumps, add some subtle neutral accessories, and without much effort you will create a chic look. Oversize model suits all ladies, allows you to conceal curves and feel total ease.

Tunic shirt

The classic white shirt with an elongated cut looks great with slim jeans, as well as with output pants. Wear it with a blazer, and you will be able to face many challenges. White elongated oversize shirt has become something almost indispensable in a woman’s closet. Combine it with black leather slippers or colorful boots to add some color to your styling.

Classic white shirt

If you want to buy a white shirt for all life circumstances, choose a classic model with a straight cut, preferably made of thicker, opaque material and without any patterns, embroidery or other designer embellishments. Such a shirt can be slipped into jeans or black pants. From under the shirt, some kind of lace top can also stick out delicately. This is an extremely fashionable combination this season, which will add some sensuality to the styling.

Styling with a white shirt for the office

The next time you’re preparing clothes for the office, replace the women’s suit and pointed pumps with a long skirt and loafers, or opt for some more interesting jacket color. If the dress code allows you to do so, wear a turtleneck under your shirt – such a combination looks great with wide-leg pants. If you follow our advice, the title of the most stylish woman in the corporation will belong to you!

Styles for a date

Although there is nothing more seductive than a slender, flabby woman in a voluminous men’s shirt, the idea of going on a date like this is undoubtedly daring, not to say very risky. Save this look for a romantic dinner at home, and wear a rather glitzy mini to a restaurant. The skimpy skirt has already entered the clothing essentials of stylish women. Complete the look with subtle embellishments – let the skirt play the main role in styling with a white shirt.

Styles for an interview with a potential employer

Come to the interview with the right attitude, showing the employer that you really care about the job. Wear a white shirt, and instead of a jacket, wear a knitted bedspread or vest, which will breathe some casualness into the styling and allow you to feel comfortable.  

Styling for an evening out

Styling for an evening out does not have to be associated with a cocktail dress at all. A white shirt is an equally interesting option. Of course, if you know what to combine it with. A simple corset and palazzo pants – this combination will be a perfect companion for a white shirt with an elongated form. Just pay attention to the cut: the shirt should be close to the waist. 

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